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VERTAK is a professional China Outdoor Patio Heater Manufacturers and Outdoor Patio Heater factory. Being one of the largest exporters in Garden field, VERTAK provides various products including : garden machinery, garden hand tools, irrigation equipments, decorations and accessories for garden, garden instruments, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture as well as tourism leisure products. With an annual turnover of 50 million, our products have found a good sale in areas, such as European, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and other countries. VERTAK is a persified group, which owns garden machinery factory, garden hand tools factory and outdoor lights factory equipped with assembly and packaging line so as to meet the requirements of small-batch productions for customers. We specialize in Custom Outdoor Patio Heater, With strong R&D and innovative capability, VERTAK Group launches new products regularly according to market requirements and keeps satisfying customer's demands. Our company adheres to international quality standards strictly and serves the market with qualified products to improve customer satisfaction. The forthcoming overseas warehouse direct-selling aims at meeting the requirements of small quantity and fast delivery for customers abroad.

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    We have a very strong and professional R&D team which can design and develop new products according to the drawings or samples offered by the customers. Our design team will always do their best to make all the printings and packings more professional. Besides, we also have 5 engineer teams that have presented 5-10 new items yearly.
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    More than 1000 suppliers and 45 core cooperation mills to support us to ensure  -  Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product lines -  Advanced and well-equipped test lab Timely responses and great service Familiar with the market demand 
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    We are aiming to give customer excellent products with brilliant quality. Together with outstanding service, constant innovation and profitable growth.

Industry knowledge extension

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Are Outdoor Patio Heaters Energy-Efficient?

An outdoor patio heater is an excellent way to make your outdoor space more cosy in cold weather, providing warmth and comfort and allowing you to enjoy more time outdoors. But the key question for many is whether these heaters are energy efficient. The answer is that the energy efficiency of outdoor patio heaters is a complex issue that depends on multiple factors. Let's take a closer look at these factors.
First, types of outdoor patio heaters play an important role in energy efficiency. Currently, there are different types of heaters on the market, such as electric heaters, natural gas heaters, and LPG heaters. Electric heaters are generally considered energy-efficient because they directly convert electrical energy into heat with relatively high efficiency. . Therefore, choosing an electric heater can be an energy saving option.
Second, energy sources are also important. If you choose to use natural gas or LPG, the energy efficiency of the heater directly depends on the combustion efficiency. Efficient heaters make better use of fuel and reduce waste. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the heaters are efficient and undergo regular maintenance to maintain their performance.
In addition, heater design can also affect energy efficiency. Modern outdoor patio heaters often include a variety of smart features, such as adjustable temperature control, timers, and automatic shutdown. Proper configuration of these features reduces energy waste and ensures that the heater will only operate when needed. For example, you can set a timer to run the heater for a specific time to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.
In addition, regular maintenance is important to ensure the energy efficiency of outdoor patio heaters. Regardless of the heater type, regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that the heater is operating properly. It removes clogs and dirt and reduces energy waste to maintain heater performance.
Finally, to reduce the energy consumption of outdoor patio heaters, it is also important to practice appropriate energy saving habits. You can reduce your energy costs by using heaters only when necessary and avoiding excessive use.
Can an outdoor patio heater be used in an enclosed space?

The use of outdoor patio heaters in enclosed spaces is an issue worthy of attention as it involves safety and efficiency considerations. The following will delve into the key points related to the use of outdoor patio heaters in enclosed spaces to help you better understand the issue.
Firstly, outdoor patio heaters are typically designed for use in outdoor open spaces, and these heaters typically use LPG, natural gas, or electricity as their energy source. When used outdoors, the heater provides fast, targeted heating, making outdoor spaces more pleasant during cold weather conditions. However, using these heaters in enclosed spaces requires extreme caution as there are some potential risks.
The first issue is ventilation. Outdoor patio heaters produce heat, but they also produce exhaust gases, which include carbon monoxide. In enclosed spaces, a lack of adequate ventilation can lead to the accumulation of these harmful gases, posing a threat to human health. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that there is good ventilation in the room. This can be accomplished by opening windows, doors, or using air circulation equipment. Gas detectors can be used to monitor carbon monoxide levels and provide timely warnings if ventilation is insufficient.
Secondly, you need to choose a heater model that is suitable for the enclosed space. Some outdoor patio heaters have low gas emissions and are particularly suitable for use in partially enclosed indoor environments, such as indoor patios or greenhouses with ventilation systems. These models are usually designed and tested to ensure that they provide heating within a safe range.
Avoid placing your outdoor patio heater in a completely sealed room, such as a small room or garage without ventilation. In this environment, gas emissions and combustion products cannot be effectively eliminated, which will increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.
Also, if you choose to use a gas heater, such as LPG or natural gas, make sure the gas safety connection is correct to prevent leaks. Indoor use of these heaters may be subject to stricter regulations and standards to ensure user safety.
Finally, be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions for use and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your heater. They will usually provide detailed advice on correct use and installation, including clear instructions on whether it can be used in enclosed spaces.