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VERTAK is a professional China Hose Reel and Storage Manufacturers and Hose Reel and Storage factory. Being one of the largest exporters in Garden field, VERTAK provides various products including : garden machinery, garden hand tools, irrigation equipments, decorations and accessories for garden, garden instruments, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture as well as tourism leisure products. With an annual turnover of 50 million, our products have found a good sale in areas, such as European, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and other countries. VERTAK is a persified group, which owns garden machinery factory, garden hand tools factory and outdoor lights factory equipped with assembly and packaging line so as to meet the requirements of small-batch productions for customers. We specialize in Custom Hose Reel and Storage, With strong R&D and innovative capability, VERTAK Group launches new products regularly according to market requirements and keeps satisfying customer's demands. Our company adheres to international quality standards strictly and serves the market with qualified products to improve customer satisfaction. The forthcoming overseas warehouse direct-selling aims at meeting the requirements of small quantity and fast delivery for customers abroad.

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    We have a very strong and professional R&D team which can design and develop new products according to the drawings or samples offered by the customers. Our design team will always do their best to make all the printings and packings more professional. Besides, we also have 5 engineer teams that have presented 5-10 new items yearly.
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    More than 1000 suppliers and 45 core cooperation mills to support us to ensure  -  Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product lines -  Advanced and well-equipped test lab Timely responses and great service Familiar with the market demand 
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    We are aiming to give customer excellent products with brilliant quality. Together with outstanding service, constant innovation and profitable growth.

Industry knowledge extension

Hose Reel and Storage Factory

What are the advantages of using a hose reel for storage?
Hose Reel is a very convenient tool for storing the hose. Hose Reel makes it more convenient and efficient for hose storage and use and has many advantages. Here are some of the main benefits.
1.Space saving: hose reel can wind the hose compact and save storage space. Hose Rell is ideal for small spaces, such as a garage, and a limited space. The hose is effectively arranged to prevent excessive clutter and space.
2.Prevention of Entanglement: when the hose is wound around Reel, the hose can be effectively prevented from entangled or intertwined. It is a common problem after the long term storage and long distance use. When the hose is entangled, it may lead to damage to the hose as well as time and effort. Hose Reel allows you to clean the hose clean, avoid problems of tying, and use the hose more smoothly and efficiently.
3.Easy to carry: hose Reelis usually designed with handles or handles, so it is very convenient to carry the hose. Hose Reelcan easily move from one location to another. For example, from the backyard to the backyard or from the garage to the garden. This portability makes the hose more flexible and suitable for different usage scenarios.
4. Please arrange the hose with hose Reel. The hose often rolls into the garden or garage, making it difficult to store and use.Hose Reel provides a special storage solution that can be secured to Reel by winding up the hose clean. This fixes the hose position and does not take much space. This will reduce the clutter as well as find the hose and make it easier to access.
5.Durability and reliability: some high quality Hose Reel is made of durable material that can withstand long term use and various weather conditions. Generally, it is resistant to sunlight, rain, wear and rust, while hose Reel keeps it stable and reliable during use.
As a whole, Hose Reel keeps your hose organized and optimized, saves space and prevents portability and improves portability and durability. This makes it more convenient and efficient for hose storage and use, but also longer hose life. Even at home gardening and professional gardening sites, Hose Reel is a practical tool that provides simple and effective solution to hose management.
What are the common mistakes to avoid when using a hose reel for storage?
There are some common mistakes to avoid when using hose Reel for storage. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.
1. Do not tumble the hose to avoid bending, twisting and tangling the hose. The correct way is to hook the hose smoothly to Reel , keep the hose neatly, bend and cross.
2. The hose is exposed to an external environment and dust, mud and other dirt adhere. This stain may adversely affect the quality and performance of the hose. Wash the hose thoroughly with detergent and water, and make sure that the hose is completely dry.
3. Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity and store in a dry place. If the temperature is too high or too low, it may adversely affect the quality of the hose. Furthermore, in order to avoid the damage of the hose, it is necessary to prevent the hose from being placed near a sharp object or chemical substance.
4. Non-locking reels: hose Reel is usually equipped with locking mechanism to fix hose. If you use hose Reel, please always lock Reel to prevent loosening and slipping of hose. This avoids tangles and tangles in the hose, making the hose more convenient and efficient.
5. Unreasonable hose storage: if you use hose Reel to store the hose, you must store the appropriate amount of hose if necessary. If the hose is excessively stored, it will cause excessive pressure between the hose to cause damage and deformation. Therefore, according to the actual needs and available space, the storage quantity of the hose should be reasonably arranged.
Avoiding the above mistakes can keep the hose in good condition and extend the life of the hose during storage. Hose Reel is not only saving space, but also the hose can be easily cleaned and work efficiency is improved. So it is very important to use hose Reel to store the hose correctly.