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VERTAK is a professional China Garden Scarifier & Rake Manufacturers and Garden Scarifier & Rake factory. Being one of the largest exporters in Garden field, VERTAK provides various products including : garden machinery, garden hand tools, irrigation equipments, decorations and accessories for garden, garden instruments, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture as well as tourism leisure products. With an annual turnover of 50 million, our products have found a good sale in areas, such as European, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and other countries. VERTAK is a persified group, which owns garden machinery factory, garden hand tools factory and outdoor lights factory equipped with assembly and packaging line so as to meet the requirements of small-batch productions for customers. We specialize in Custom Garden Scarifier & Rake, With strong R&D and innovative capability, VERTAK Group launches new products regularly according to market requirements and keeps satisfying customer's demands. Our company adheres to international quality standards strictly and serves the market with qualified products to improve customer satisfaction. The forthcoming overseas warehouse direct-selling aims at meeting the requirements of small quantity and fast delivery for customers abroad.

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    We have a very strong and professional R&D team which can design and develop new products according to the drawings or samples offered by the customers. Our design team will always do their best to make all the printings and packings more professional. Besides, we also have 5 engineer teams that have presented 5-10 new items yearly.
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    More than 1000 suppliers and 45 core cooperation mills to support us to ensure  -  Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product lines -  Advanced and well-equipped test lab Timely responses and great service Familiar with the market demand 
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    We are aiming to give customer excellent products with brilliant quality. Together with outstanding service, constant innovation and profitable growth.

Industry knowledge extension

Garden Scarifier & Rake Factory

What is a garden scarifier, and how does it work?

Garden scaliers, also known as lawn scaliers , are important gardening tools designed to maintain and improve the quality of lawn and garden soil. Based on design and function, the soil is treated mechanically to remove weeds, moss, underground compression, accumulated organic matter, improve soil breathability, permeability, absorption of nutrients, and promote plant growth.
How garden scaliers work can be summarized in a few important steps.
Cutting and pulling out weeds: garden scallifiers usually have rotating blades or teeth that move across the soil surface, pulling out weeds, mosses and other plant debris by cutting from the ground. This reduces competition with weeds and makes the plants easier to get sunlight and nutrients.
Cutting and decompressing: machine blades or thins break down the compressed layers of the ground by cutting and rotating the soil. This step is very important because it improves the permeability and drainage of the soil and makes it easier for the soil to absorb water and nutrients. In addition, it reduces stress on the soil and makes it easier for the roots to penetrate deep into the soil.
Elimination of organic matter: garden scarifires pull organic matter from the soil, such as mown grass, dead leaves and other organic debris. This helps to reduce the accumulation of organic matter, improve the soil structure and provide a more suitable growing environment.
Promote lawn growth: garden scaliers promote lawn growth by providing more favorable soil conditions for new lawns. It creates an environment in which the roots of plants are easy to take root, which, as a result, makes the lawn thicker, healthier and reduces the problem of sparse areas.
When using scaliers for the garden, you need some care to get the best results. Here are the common steps.
Preparation: before using the Scarifier for the garden, remove large weeds, stones and other obstacles from the lawn or garden. This prevents damage to the machine and ensures safe operation.
Choose the right incision depth: choose the appropriate incision depth setting based on the soil type and needs. For best results, different soil and different depths may be required.
To start: start the garden scaliers, press slowly and make sure that the blades or teeth of the machine are fully handling the soil. Don't wait too long for the machine to do the job.
Repeat the operation: for large areas, it is best to use a crossover approach so that the soil is treated evenly. They usually run along different paths to cover the entire area.
Resident removal: remove weeds, moss and organic debris extracted by the machine. This can be done using a lawn scraper or a rake for the garden.

How can a garden scarifier and rake work together to achieve a healthier lawn?

Garden scarifier and rakes are essential tools in growing healthy, lush lawns. When you work together, the quality of the lawn improves dramatically and you get a great outdoor space.
First, let's talk about what the garden scarifier do. Garden scalifier is a powerful mechanical tool aimed at crushing the compressed soil and increasing the opportunities for air and moisture to penetrate. If the soil on the lawn is dense, it limits the absorption of water and nutrients, which makes the lawn withered and prone to disease. The operation of the garden scaliers is relatively simple, but the effect is great. If you choose the right time in spring or early autumn, adjust the depth of the scaliers to the right range (usually 1 to 3 inches) and run them evenly over the entire lawn, you can quickly improve the condition of the soil and trim the lawn. A better growing environment at a deeper depth. This promotes the growth of roots, improves the penetration of water and nutrients, and increases the resistance of the lawn to diseases.
The role of the rake is also important. The tool is versatile and can be used for leveling lawns, removing weeds, spraying manure, and more. In collaboration, we first use rakes to remove weeds and other drifting plant debris from the surface of the lawn. This keeps the lawn clean and prevents weeds from scrambling for lawn moisture and nutrients. Then use rakes to smooth the surface of the soil and fill the holes and hollows to make the lawn more uniform and beautiful. This smoothing ensures that water does not accumulate, the moisture is evenly distributed, and the overall appearance of the lawn is improved. Finally, if fertilizer is needed, evenly fertilize the lawn with rake, promoting uniform growth and absorption of nutrients.
Linking the garden scarki and rake can improve the quality of the lawn in a variety of ways. First of all, by crushing the soil with a garden scallifier, you can more easily level the soil surface with a rake, thus obtaining more flat growing conditions. Then you can better manage weeds and plant debris and keep the lawn clean with the help of a rake. Finally, evenly spraying manure throughout the lawn ensures uniform absorption of nutrients and promotes uniform growth.