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VERTAK is a professional China Garden Snowplow Manufacturers and Garden Snowplow factory. Being one of the largest exporters in Garden field, VERTAK provides various products including : garden machinery, garden hand tools, irrigation equipments, decorations and accessories for garden, garden instruments, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture as well as tourism leisure products. With an annual turnover of 50 million, our products have found a good sale in areas, such as European, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and other countries. VERTAK is a persified group, which owns garden machinery factory, garden hand tools factory and outdoor lights factory equipped with assembly and packaging line so as to meet the requirements of small-batch productions for customers. We specialize in Custom Garden Snowplow, With strong R&D and innovative capability, VERTAK Group launches new products regularly according to market requirements and keeps satisfying customer's demands. Our company adheres to international quality standards strictly and serves the market with qualified products to improve customer satisfaction. The forthcoming overseas warehouse direct-selling aims at meeting the requirements of small quantity and fast delivery for customers abroad.

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    We have a very strong and professional R&D team which can design and develop new products according to the drawings or samples offered by the customers. Our design team will always do their best to make all the printings and packings more professional. Besides, we also have 5 engineer teams that have presented 5-10 new items yearly.
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    More than 1000 suppliers and 45 core cooperation mills to support us to ensure  -  Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product lines -  Advanced and well-equipped test lab Timely responses and great service Familiar with the market demand 
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    We are aiming to give customer excellent products with brilliant quality. Together with outstanding service, constant innovation and profitable growth.

Industry knowledge extension

Garden Snowplow Factory

Is the Garden Snowplow suitable for clearing heavy snow?

As winter approaches, snow-covered gardens and roads become a common problem, so it is important to choose the right tools to deal with this challenge. Garden snowplows are a popular choice, but it is intensely debated whether they are suitable for snow removal in heavy snow.
Garden snowplows are small, lightweight machines usually designed specifically for small snowplows such as sidewalks, small parking lots, and garden paths. They are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to handle and store. However, in the garden snowplows there are some limitations when removing large amounts of snow.
First of all, garden snowplows are usually equipped with engines with low power, so it takes time to process a large amount of snow. In heavy snow conditions, using a garden snowplow will require more time and effort, and may need to go back and forth many times to complete the work.
Secondly, there is a limit to the depth of snow removal with garden snowplows. It is suitable for handling light to moderate snow, but in the case of heavy snow, multiple passes may be required to remove the snow to the ground. This makes the work more complex and time-consuming.
Another element to consider is the durability and maintenance of the garden snowplow. They are usually not as robust as commercial snow plows, so there is a risk of damage when handling heavy snow. In addition, heavy snow can include ice or firm snow, which can cause further wear and tear to the components and cutters of the garden snowplow.
Garden snowplows can cope with mild to moderate snow cover, although they have some limitations in terms of the handling of heavy snow. If the plot or paths in your garden are regularly covered by heavy snow, consider the following strategies to increase the efficiency of your garden snowplows.
Multiple passes: in case of heavy snow, don't expect to be able to clear everything in one pass. If you remove snow several times, you can gradually reduce the depth of the snow.
Preventive snow removal: preventive snow removal is performed before heavy snow falls to reduce the workload.
Maintenance and care: regularly maintain the snow plowers in the garden so that they work in their best condition. Replace worn tools and parts.
Manual assist: if you want to deal with heavy snow, consider manually shoveling snow to help with the work of the snow plow in the garden.
What kind of terrain is the Garden Snowplow suitable for?

Garden snowplow is a handy tool to deal with winter snow problems, but it's not suitable for all terrains and snow clearing tasks. There are several factors to consider when choosing whether the snow removing machine is suitable for snow removal. Here we explain the details of what terrain is suitable for the terrain.
First, the garden snowflakes show the best performance from small to medium scale terrain. It includes a small garden, courtyard, sidewalk, trail, small parking. Because these areas are relatively limited in area, they are small, portable, and convenient for snow removal. They can handle snow clearing tasks in these areas with ease, ensuring the ground remains clear and safe.
Secondly, garden snow blowers are best used on flat ground. In the flat terrain, the snow removing car in the garden is easier to operate and can be removed efficiently. However, if the terrain is not flat, such as a large slope, a depression, or a large undulating area, the work becomes more difficult and the efficiency of snow removal may be lowered.
The garden snow removing machine is suitable for treating the mild to moderate snow condition. It is usually effective to deal with snow from several inches to one foot deep. In the deep terrain of the snow, the snow removing car in the yard may need multiple passes to remove the snow from the ground, which makes the work more complex and time consuming.
Moreover, the garden snow removing machine has a superior surface performance. This includes hard surfaces such as cement, asphalt, pavement road. These surfaces provide superior traction to the garden snowplow and are easy to push and operate. However, it may be somewhat difficult to use a garden snowplow with a soft surface such as soil or grass, can be somewhat difficult as they may damage the surface or fail to provide adequate traction.
Overall, garden snowflakes are useful tools to tackle small scale flat terrain with mild to moderate snow. It is recommended that carefully considering carefully considering the needs, topography and climatic conditions so that the garden snowplow can be effectively coped with the winter snow challenge before choosing whether to be suitable for snow removal.