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VERTAK is a professional China Watering Tools Manufacturers and Watering Tools factory. Being one of the largest exporters in Garden field, VERTAK provides various products including : garden machinery, garden hand tools, irrigation equipments, decorations and accessories for garden, garden instruments, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture as well as tourism leisure products. With an annual turnover of 50 million, our products have found a good sale in areas, such as European, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and other countries. VERTAK is a persified group, which owns garden machinery factory, garden hand tools factory and outdoor lights factory equipped with assembly and packaging line so as to meet the requirements of small-batch productions for customers. We specialize in Custom Watering Tools, With strong R&D and innovative capability, VERTAK Group launches new products regularly according to market requirements and keeps satisfying customer's demands. Our company adheres to international quality standards strictly and serves the market with qualified products to improve customer satisfaction. The forthcoming overseas warehouse direct-selling aims at meeting the requirements of small quantity and fast delivery for customers abroad.

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    We have a very strong and professional R&D team which can design and develop new products according to the drawings or samples offered by the customers. Our design team will always do their best to make all the printings and packings more professional. Besides, we also have 5 engineer teams that have presented 5-10 new items yearly.
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    More than 1000 suppliers and 45 core cooperation mills to support us to ensure  -  Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product lines -  Advanced and well-equipped test lab Timely responses and great service Familiar with the market demand 
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    We are aiming to give customer excellent products with brilliant quality. Together with outstanding service, constant innovation and profitable growth.

Industry knowledge extension

Watering Tools Factory

How do watering tools play a role in maintaining healthy soil moisture levels?

Watering tools play an important role in maintaining healthy soil moisture. Proper soil moisture is very important for the growth and health of plants. Watering tools ensure that plants are properly watered, prevent overwatering and soil drying, and help plants grow
First, the watering tool provides accurate humidity control. A common example is watering, which allows water to be poured directly into the roots of plants. This way, you can deliver water exactly where the plants need it most and avoid water waste. You can also spray a water mist on the leaves of plants with other tools, such as a sprayer. This helps to increase air humidity, especially for plants that need a high humidity environment.
Secondly, a drip irrigation system is an automatic watering tool that directs water droplets to each plant root through a drip tube or pipe. This system is ideal for growing plants in large areas such as gardens or fields. Drip irrigation systems supply water precisely according to the needs of plants, reducing water waste while ensuring that plants receive the right amount of water. This is very important for agricultural production and water conservation.
Thirdly, a moisture meter is a simple and effective tool for measuring soil moisture. By monitoring soil moisture, you can decide when to water or stop watering so that the soil can maintain the appropriate moisture level. This can prevent overwatering, prevent root diseases and improve the quality of plant growth.
The automatic watering system is another useful tool that can automatically water the house based on a pre-set schedule or soil moisture sensor. That means you don't have to water manually every day. The system provides the right amount of water based on the needs of the plant and can take care of the plant even when you are not.
Finally, the rainwater tank is a sustainable watering tool that can collect rainwater and be used for watering when needed. This not only reduces tap water usage, but also reduces water bills. By combining rainwater collection with drip irrigation systems
How do watering tools contribute to efficient gardening practices?

Watering tools play an important role in the practice of gardening, and their use helps to improve efficiency, save water and promote plant health. Here are some important aspects on how watering tools can contribute to an efficient gardening practice.
Accurate water control: with watering tools such as watering cans, sprayers, drip irrigation systems and automatic watering systems, gardeners can precisely control the distribution of water. This means that the water supply can be adjusted according to the needs and stages of growth of different plants, ensuring that each plant has enough water.
Water conservation: effective management of water resources is essential for sustainable gardening. Tools such as drip irrigation systems and rainwater tanks can help reduce water waste. Drip irrigation systems reduce evaporation and runoff by releasing water droplets directly into the roots of plants. Using rainwater tanks allows gardeners to collect rainwater for watering, reducing their reliance on tap water and saving valuable water resources.
Saving time and effort: the use of automatic watering and drip irrigation systems can significantly reduce the time and effort required for gardening tasks. These systems can automate watering tasks by determining the amount of watering based on a pre-set schedule or data from soil moisture sensors. This allows the gardener to focus more on other important tasks such as pruning of plants, fertilizing and pest control.
Improving the health of plants: accurate watering improves the health of plants. Overwatering and drying can cause root rot and shrinkage, reducing the survival rate of plants. Using watering tools ensures that each plant is given the right amount of water, which increases its resistance and reduces the risk of plant diseases.
Automatic monitoring and adjustment: some watering tools are equipped with smart technology, such as a soil moisture sensor, to monitor soil moisture in real time and automatically adjust the amount of watering according to the needs of the plant. This automation makes it very convenient and ensures that the plants are supplied with the right moisture, even in the absence of the gardener.
ADAPTS to the needs of different plants: different plant types, so does the amount of water required. You can adjust the watering tool according to the type of plant you are growing and the stage of growth. This individualized water supply ensures that each plant receives proper care and increases the potential for growth.