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A garden pointed spade is a very important tool when it comes to gardening, but getting the most out of it requires some professional tips and tricks. Here are some pro tips for making your garden pointed shovel more efficient:
Choosing the Right Sharp Shovel: Different types of gardening tasks require different types of sharp shovels. For example, for delicate jobs like transplanting small plants or pulling weeds, choose a smaller handheld pick spade, while for tasks that require handling large areas of soil, like tilling flower beds or organizing planting beds, you'll want a long-handled shovel.
Keep the shovel sharp: The sharpness of the shovel directly affects its efficiency. Use a tool such as a wire brush to clean the tip regularly, and use a whetstone or wheel sharpener to sharpen the blade regularly to keep it sharp. A sharp shovel can not only penetrate the soil more easily, but also reduce the user's labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
Correct posture and movements: When using a pick shovel, maintain correct posture and movements to reduce unnecessary labor and avoid injuries. For example, when digging soil, hold the handle of the shovel with both hands and bend at the waist with your knees rather than hunching over. Also, use your body's weight and strength rather than relying solely on arm strength to reduce the load on your arms and back.
Control force and speed: When using a pick shovel, control force and speed and avoid excessive force or too fast movements. Excessive force can easily cause the shovel to get stuck or bent in the soil, affecting work efficiency; while too fast movements can easily lead to inaccuracy and may damage plant roots or other gardening facilities.
Timely rest and maintenance: Continuous use of a sharp shovel for a long time can easily lead to fatigue and muscle soreness, affecting work efficiency and physical health. Therefore, when doing gardening work, take timely rest, relax your body, and avoid overexertion. In addition, the shovel should be cleaned and maintained promptly after use, such as removing soil residues and applying some anti-rust oil to extend the service life of the shovel.
Learn professional skills: Finally, continue to learn and master professional skills in gardening work to improve the efficiency of the garden pointed shovel. You can become more proficient in gardening by learning more tips and tricks on how to use a sharp shovel by reading gardening books, taking gardening classes, or asking an experienced gardening expert.
Improving the efficiency of using a garden pointed shovel requires certain professional skills and skills. Choosing the right shovel, keeping the shovel sharp, correct posture and movements, controlling strength and speed, timely rest and maintenance, and learning professional skills are all keys to improving the efficiency of garden pointed shovel use.