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Working With Vertak Chain Saws


Chain saws are much more portable than saws. They are powered by more than one source of power, namely, compressed air, hydraulic power, and electricity. All of these components are provided by a two-stroke engine. Chain saws are usually used by workers who regularly perform bucking, pruning and tree felling, which are activities usually performed by tree surgeons.

Aside from sawing being part of their job, some individuals use special chain saws for different kinds of chain saw art as a hobby nowadays. Many also decide to purchase what is called specialist chain saws because these special devices can cut concrete or anything else that is just as solid.

Chain saws are used in many different applications and tasks, but many people still don’t know how to operate them safely. Since a chain saw is capable of doing significant damage to you, it is worth learning a few safety tips that will not only ensure that you do the job right, but also that you protect yourself at all times. Here are the top safety tips you should abide by when operating or working near a chain saw.

Always wear protective eye gear - this cannot be said enough. Debris from the chain saw is capable of flying into your eyes and causing more than just irritation. Many people cause damage to or even lose their eyes for failure to protect them. Since you rely on your eyes to see, protecting them is simply a no-brainer.

You should wear some ear protection to protect against damage to the hearing when using the chain saws. This protection can be in the form of ear plugs, which can be purchased very inexpensively, or more expensive earmuffs, which cover the entire outside of the ear.

It is also important to protect the hands from dangerous cuts by wearing gloves which are made of protective fabric and which are specifically designed to provide protection against a running saw chain.

Although a hard hat can protect an operator from falling objects, such as small tree limbs, it is unlikely to provide much protection in the event of a saw "kick back." Because of the protection it does provide, however, wearing a hard hat is recommended.

A quick slip with a running saw and the operator can suffer serious damage to the leg. A good pair of chaps can prevent serious injury from occurring and should always be worn. A quality pair of chaps may consist of several layers Kevlar, or some other material, which has been tested and proven to be able to stop a running saw. Saws operate at different speeds and because of that, the buyer should take the advice of a professional as to which chaps provide the best protection against the speed of the saw they are purchasing.

A well-constructed pair of boots, preferably equipped with steel toes, can provide protection to the feet in the event of a mishap that sends a running saw in the direction of the operator's feet. Boots that lace up or otherwise extend above the wearer's feet at least six inches from the heel provide the best protection.

Always operate the chain saw in the direction going away from you. Never bring a chain saw toward you while it is in operation. It only takes a single slip of the hand to result in an injury that can prove to be fatal.

Keep a first aid kit on hand at all times. This is a basic maneuver that many people do not adhere to. Having a first aid kit on hand can help you tend to injuries - no matter how severe - immediately. Failure to keep a first aid kit on hand is a violation of OSHA regulations, especially in the workplace.

Always keep both hands on the Tree Saw while it is in operation. Having two hands on the machinery can help to keep it under control during operation. It is not unheard of for equipment to fail so taking precautious measures will ensure you are not injured in the process should the chain saw kick back.