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Working in Your Yard and Gardens


Many homeowners like outside and work in their yards and gardens. It can be hard work, but there are many ways to make the tasks easier and with less wear and tear on you.

We has broken outside work into three basic areas:


Planting & Flower Beds

Lawn & Shrub care

To start off, instead of sweeping up to get things cleaned up - make things easier by using a blower that also doubles as a vacuum. The "Vac Attack" a 3-in-1 blower, mower and vacuum is a multi purpose unit that can blow leaves and debris into a corner, vacuum it up and then mulch it. The volume of leaves that you have to discard can go from 12 bags into one bag in minutes.The blowers have been around a while, but you still have to pick the leaves.This will not only vacuum up those leaves, but it also mulches and grinds the leaves and then it has a bag that it goes straight into.

Once you have removed dirt and debris you will want to wash down the deck, yard, walkways etc. Everyone has struggled with a cumbersome tangled hose, which just makes the job tougher. Now there is a new coiled-garden hose that keeps its shape while in use so that it is easier to handle and of course you never have to wind it up when you're finished using it.

Of course the fastest way to get things clean is with a pressure washer. They are terrific for cleaning your deck, patio, patio furniture, walkways, etc. In the past in order to have a pressure washer that would be strong enough, it needed to be gasoline engine powered. Now new electric models are available to homeowners that can do the job. These models are very easy to use, lightweight and can save you lots of time on your cleaning.

Getting the soil ready for digging and planting can be made much easier with a new lightweight tiller that will loosen up the soil in your garden making hole digging a snap. Is ideal for small or hard to reach areas.A way to make any yard look better is to plant more plants.Using a small hand spade to till the soil, an electric tiller will make it easier to cultivate the soil and it's better for the plants.

Once you get your soil ready, it's time to get down to planting and if you have ever crawled around on your knees - you know this can be miserable. Now there are rolling seats on the market that allow you to sit, roll, plant, and have many of your Garden Tools close by with the storage area located under the seat.