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Which Kind of Chain Saw is More Suitable for You


Chain saws are actually pretty much the same with saws, only that they are much more portable. They are powered by more than one source of power, namely, compressed air, hydraulic power, and electricity. All of these components are provided by a two-stroke engine. Chain saws are usually used by workers who regularly perform bucking, limbing, pruning and tree felling, which are activities usually performed by tree surgeons.

There are different types of chain saws available. Figuring out which one is the right one for you is very easy. It all depends on the extent of use, as well as on how often you intend to use it. Lightweight saws are only good for occasional cutting of limbs, small trees and firewood. If you will use it more frequently, middleweight saws are more appropriate. Heavyweight saws are usually designed for professional use.

The electric chain saws are the most popular ones in demand because they vibrate less and are the best to use indoors. These are also quieter, lighter, easier to use and maintain as well as cleaner too! Especially if you are a type of person who does not master the art of using one, the electric chain saws would make the best choice.

The cordless chain saws are even quieter and lightest in comparison to all types of chain saws. Great for pruning and limbing small branches, it is more like an addition to your tool kit rather than to be used for full scale lumber cutting. If you want one to get all the firewood for home, then this would make a good choice.

The gas chain saws are the one of the more durable and rougher varieties that you can use anywhere in the out and does not get spoilt by rain or snow either. However these are quite heavy to lift and operate. With noisy two-cycle motors, these ones emit fumes since the operator needs to mix oil with the gasoline. There is however a lot of maintenance works with gas chain saws.

Each type of chain saw has its own pros and cons. Hence which one would suit you best depends upon your capacity, needs and the conditions where you need to use battery chainsaw.