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Which Chain Saw Size Suits You Best


Save yourself plenty of hard work in the garden with a chain saw. These powerful tools can be used for a number of backbreaking chores, such as felling trees and chopping logs for firewood. They can help with domestic garden clearance, especially cutting work that’s too much for a shredder, and in times of emergency, such as cutting back fallen branches after a storm. So if you’ve ploughed on with these tough jobs using an axe or saw, consider hanging them up in favor of a chain saw.

However, before buying a chain saw, it’s important to understand how you’re going to be using it. This can help determine which of the many different types available is best for you.

First of all, ask yourself what material are you going to be cutting. This affects how much power you’re going to need to efficiently and effectively complete the job. The smaller the job or the softer the cutting material, the less power is needed. So for example, if you’re cutting hardwood trees in your garden, you’d look for a more powerful chain saw rather than one being used to chop softwood for a fire.

Then, you need to take into account how far away from a power source will you be using your chain saw? You’ll never be too far away from an electricity socket if you have a smaller garden, but giving you more options if you’re looking to use your chain saw in a larger space.

If you’ve never used this type of garden power tool previously, consider using the least powerful one possible to achieve your job. There’s no need to get the most powerful one available if you’re never going to need all that extra oomph. Buying it could just mean you end up shouldering a heavier tool but never benefiting from the extra power. However, if you’re more seasoned, choose from the entire range available.

Now having a better sense of your cutting needs, you can determine which type of garden chipper shredder you should opt for.