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What is Vertak Garden Shredder


Garden shredder are handy tools that make it possible to turn dead leaves into mulch. The mulch in turn can be used to provide nutrients for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and for a lawn. While the electric garden shredder is one of the more common models used around the home, gasoline powered shredders are often used for commercial work and in cases where the volume of leaves to shred is significantly higher than the usual residential yard.

Sometimes referred to as a leaf shredder or leaf mulcher, the typical garden shredder is very simple in design. On one side of the device, an open chamber makes it possible to dump loose leaves into the machine for processing. Inside, a series of serrated blades chop the leaves into small and more or less uniform pieces. The shredded leaves then leave the main chamber and are expelled into a waiting receptacle or into a detachable bag that makes it easy to transport the mulched leaves to another location.

Of course, garden shredders are available in several different sizes. A lightweight shredder is likely to use electricity as a power source. The smaller models are ideal for handling most types of leaves that shed in the autumn of the year, such as oak, elm, and pecan tree leaves. They also can be used to shred small leaves from dead shrubs.

Larger shredders are often capable of processing small branches along with leaves. This makes it possible to quickly dispose of the fallen branches of softer woods such as pecan branches. The larger shredders sometimes make use of a gasoline motor that has more horsepower than simple electric garden tools of this type, making it easier to dispose of hardier leaves and slightly larger branches.

It is possible to purchase a garden shredder in just about any retail outlet that sells garden power equipment. Lawn and garden retailers often carry a wider selection than outlets such as discount retailers. Home stores are also great sources for yard tools of this type, and may include heavy-duty garden shredders along with smaller and less expensive designs. Commercial yard tools, including shredders that are used by landscape companies are also available at industry supply businesses.

However, if purchasing a garden shredder is not feasible, it is also possible to rent various types of shredders from local equipment rental businesses. Normally, the store associates can help in the selection of the right size shredder if the buyer is not sure of what equipment would adequately handle the job he or she has in mind.