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What is the Watering Can


A watering can (or watering pot ) is a portable container, usually with a handle and a spout, used to water plants by hand. It has been in use from at least the 17th century and has since seen many improvements in design. Apart from watering plants, it has varied uses, as it is a fairly versatile tool.

Watering cans are used by gardeners for watering plants, by road workers to apply bitumen to asphalt , as ornaments, and regularly in symbolic art pieces.The capacity of the container can be anywhere from 0.5 litres (for indoor household plants) to 10 litres (for general garden use). It is usually made of metal , ceramic or plastic . At the end of the spout, a "rose" (a device, like a cap, with small holes) can be placed to break up the stream of water into droplets, to avoid excessive water pressure on the soil or on delicate plants.

Galvanized steel watering cans in a silver-colored finish are the classic type of watering can. This type is more expensive than many other kinds, but many people like its traditional looks as well as its durability. If you leave a galvanized steel watering can out in the garden, it won't rust. Only soil that contains alkaline will rust galvanized steel. Some crafters like to paint this type of watering can decoratively.

Plastic watering cans are quite inexpensive, but usually offer great durability as well. They have no chance of rusting and are lighter in weight than galvanized plastic watering can. Their weight may be a drawback if left out in a wind storm as they could blow away out of sight, but plastic watering cans aren’t usually very costly to replace.