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What Is the Best Lawnmower


Those looking to purchase the best lawnmower on the market should keep in mind the lawn they wish to mow, the budget constraints they may be under and the amount of manual labor they wish to perform. But you should know that the expensive lawnmower doesn’t mean the most suitable lawnmower for your needs. The ideal lawnmower is one that cuts your lawn according to your specifications.

Choosing the right lawnmower can simplify lawn mowing and keep the grass looking healthy. Besides features and cost, you should also make sure that you know which kind of lawnmower is suitable for your yard. For instance, if you have a very big yard or if you're just a very lazy person, a motor driven lawn mower is probably the way to go. Compare weight, power, cost, safety features, ease of starting, handling and maneuverability, and ease of clipping disposal. Select a push reel mower (cuts with a scissor-like action of rotating blades passing over a stationary knife) if you have a small lawn.


Those on the market for a self-propelled lawn mower should keep their budget in mind. Consumer Search has ranked the Honda HRX217K2HXA self-propelled gas lawn mower the best as of 2011; however, the estimated $800 starting price may place it out of budget for some. Those looking for a self-propelled mower on a tighter budget should purchase the Toro Recycler 20332, which has an estimated starting price of $350 as of 2011. Both models have a maximum cutting height of four inches, but only the Honda model has been CARB-certified, meaning it has met the emission standards of California. The Honda model also fits the EPA standards.

Manual Mower

For those with smaller lawns, or for those who do not mind a little more manual labor, the Lawn-Boy 10645 push mower is ideal. With an estimated starting price of $270 as of 2011, the Lawn-Boy 10645 has been CARB-certified, and has the ability to mulch, bag and side-discharge. However, this model does not feature an adjustable handle, folding handle or single-lever height-adjustment option. Consumer Search ranked the Fiskars Momentum 317736 as the best manual reel mower on the market as of 2011. Again, this kind of lawnmower need more energy to use it but it is much cheaper..

Robotic Lawnmower

Those looking to purchase a robotic lawn mower should invest in the Robomower RL850, according to Consumer Search. This robotic mower has a maximum cutting height of 3.25 inches, a 26-inch mower width, and comes with a two-year warranty for the mower and a one-year warranty for the battery. Safety features include a child guard. However, the Robomower must be moved to its desired starting point with a remote control, and does not automatically return to its charging station. While the mower itself is weatherproof, the charging station is not. With an estimated starting price of $1,600 as of 2011, the Robomower may be too expensive for some.

With the help of following easy guide, you can use the lawnmower easily.

First, find where your lawn mower keeps its fuel. Unless your lawn mower uses a two-stroke engine (if it does, see the instructions in step 2), fill up the container with gasoline.

Most ride-on mowers use four-stroke engines, while most regular lawn mowers use a two stroke engine.

If you have a two-stroke engine lawn mower, then you will need to mix your gasoline and oil. You should probably need to do so in a ratio of 50: 1 (gasoline to oil) or else your lawn mower will start puffing out blueish smoke.

So, get your gasoline, and for every gallon you pour into your gasoline container, use 2.5 ounces of oil. This will insure that your engine will function normally.

This is a five-gallon gas container. You should keep pre-mixed fuel in these so you do not need to mix your gas and oil every time,

Now, prime your lawn mower. Locate the primer on your lawn mower, and push it about three to five times.

Now, while holding down the power handle for you lawn mower, grab the pull string and pull it back very quickly. Make sure that your choke is set at 'off' mode. You can turn on your lawnmower right now.

If your lawnmower has a choke, pull your choke up to which speed you want. Don't pull it up immediately after the engine has started; you should wait for a moment to let it warm up a bit or the engine will die down.

Now, you may begin lawn mowing. Be sure to take breaks if your lawn is large. Also, if you need to start your Scarifier & Rake mower after it has warmed up already, don't prime it; just immediately pull the pull string and it will start.