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What Are General Purpose Garden Equipment Set


Different types of Garden Equipment Set are required to maintain a beautiful and neat garden. There are various types of hand tools as well as power tools that can be used for various purposes. Gardeners require many kinds of tools but there are some essential tools required for proper gardening.These are suggestions of what a good basic set of gardening equipment would be. Of course depending on what type of gardening you are doing you may not need some of these items, but most if not all would find a use at some time in the average garden.

Shovels are useful and versatile and they are able to handle a variety of chores. A gardener depends on their shovel to help dig up daylilies and rose bushes. This garden tool is also helpful when compost needs to be spread about or when holes need to be dug for new plants. The garden spade is smaller and is commonly used to help prepare a garden or flower bed.

Pruning Shears: Necessary lawn tools should include pruning shears to trim plants and cut dead branches. Pruning shears help to cut the plants neatly without ripping them. There are mainly two varieties of pruning shears which include bypass and anvil. Pruning shears can also be differentiated by two types mainly the hand and machine operated shears.

Lawn movers: The list of garden equipments is incomplete without the mention of lawn movers. Different types of lawn movers are available today which include electric lawn movers, heavy duty lawn movers, petrol lawn mover and so forth.

Tools need a storage shed so that they can be arranged neatly and be protected from rain and snow. Storage sheds can be used for gardening tasks as well. If your shed is large enough you could even place a potting bench. This would give you some additional storage space and the smooth work surface could be used for a variety of chores including re-potting your plants. When the day ends it is time for all happy gardeners to call it a night, put things away and prepare for a new day.

The selection of essential tools you need, rather than the ones you would like depends upon what sort of gardening your doing. Most gardening implements are used for a variety of users while others are are used for specific purposes. A fork for example can be used for moving large amounts of compost or rubbish and can also be used for digging up potatoes or preparing the soil.