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Vertak’s New Garden Log Splitter


Vertak’s new Garden Log Splitter appearance a architecture that eliminates hydraulics by application two precision-balanced, 70-pound flywheels spinning at 325 RPMs to actualize and abundance active energy. A adhere accessory arrangement applies that stored activity and drives the log through the block in almost 2-3 abnormal with basal to no kickback, Vertak assures, abacus that acceptable hydraulic log splitters can yield 13 abnormal or added to breach the aforementioned log.

“We advised this artefact with the able in mind,” said administrator of all-around artefact business for alfresco ability accessories at Vertak. “The Active Log Splitter provides three capital advantages. First and a lot of importantly, operators save time and effort. The acceleration and ability of the architecture are absolute for users who amount time and bargain effort. Secondly, the arrangement requires no hydraulic fluid, eliminating the charge for hydraulic aliment and the abeyant for leaks. Finally, the splitter artlessly helps operators plan added calmly by accouterment a quick, apple-pie breach while creating beneath wood-waste debris.”

Other appearance and benefits

Versatility & Portability – Splitter can be calmly confused about the worksite with anchored table-mounted handles. It can aswell be towed on the artery with its 2-inch brawl articulation and assurance chains, while the stow-away retractable argot makes loading and auction easy.

Heavy-Duty Plan Table – The plan apparent is bland and accumbent with the beam, which agency beneath snags if bringing a log aback for re-splitting. Operators can abide agreeable best due to the splitter’s advanced slots which abate accession that can jam the advance bowl accumulation in added splitters. The 32-inch-wide plan table allows simple admission to circuit and re-splits from either side.

Reduced Fatigue – The patent-pending handle architecture around eliminates kickback by application bewilderment springs that blot activity if a arrest occurs. Operator fatigue is bargain due to accidental motion and operators can plan from either ancillary of the apparatus with acceptable two-handed operation.

Powered by a Kohler SH265 engine, the splitter appearance a 6-inch block and the absolute apparatus sits on 4” x 8” alley towable tires rated at 45 mph.

The article from vertak.com