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Vertak Scarifying, Raking and Brushing Lawns


Scarifier rake is one of the a lot of important aliment tasks that should be agitated out on your lawn. As time goes by amoebic bulk can body up in the backyard abacus to what is accepted as the beard layer. Beard is acquired by any corrupt abstracts such as grass clipping, leaves, twigs etc.

A baby bulk of beard is adorable in a backyard (no added than 13mm) as it helps advance a airy sward. However if the body up becomes to boundless the bloom of the backyard will suffer.

Lawns with boundless beard accept poor aridity resistance, bare apparent drainage, bank basis advance and will ache from ache problems.

Therefore it is important to accumulate the body up of beard in check. The best way of authoritative the beard band is by scarifying, raking and brushing. All of these tasks accept there abode in a acceptable backyard aliment program.

Powered Scarifier

Mechanically powered machines are accessible for the abatement of thatch. These powered machines are ideal if you accept a above beard or moss botheration as they are able to access abysmal into the common and abolish all-inclusive amounts of beard and moss.

They are aswell ideal if you accept a ample breadth to baste to save time and effort. The allowances of these machines are that they are actual quick and the abyss can calmly be adapted to clothing the conditions.

Hand Rake

A bounce bok or bounce cogwheel rake is acceptable for abate area or area the beard botheration is not too severe. Rakes are ideal for removing moss in the bounce time afterwards it has been advised and killed.

Using a rake is aswell benign afore mowing in the summer, by continuing up the grass and removing any crabbed advance that may accord to the beard layer. Some mowers are in fact adapted with a baby adjust amid the foreground roller and acid butt for this purpose


Brushing the accommodation is ideal for removing any bits and continuing the grass up afore mowing to abolish any crabbed advance and anniversary meadow berry active (a edger grass). Brushes can either be trailed (with or after a collector) or duke held.

Timing of Operations

Any abundant assignment carving is best agitated out during aboriginal summer or backward summer. This is because advance should be able and accretion is quick. This operation will a lot of acceptable be undertaken with a powered scarifier.

Any abstinent scarifying or raking can be agitated out any time during the growing division alienated periods of aridity or poor growth. Accretion will be beneath of an affair as the operation is not as astringent abysmal scarification.

Light abrasion can be undertaken at anytime during the growing division as there will be actual little accident acquired by this operation.