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Vertak Outdoor Power Equipment


Vertak grass trimmer has the ability to bright blubbery brush, alcove abounding burke in beneath one second, and provides up to one hour of run-time per charge. The motor is positioned in the rear of the trimmer to accommodate the best aggregate of power, antithesis and maneuverability. Through a capricious acceleration trigger, users can accept amid low and high. High provides the power to clear thick brush, and low maximizes run-time while alms affluence of ability for grass trimming. A 16-inch acid swath trims added grass in a individual pass, accretion productivity. The trimmer appearance a individual piece, solid drive shaft that delivers added constant ability during abundant applications. A abounding sized arch holds added band and has a metal able bang bulge for best life.

Hedge Shear has the ability to cut ¾-inch branches, cuts up to 30 percent faster, and provides up to two hours of run-time per charge. The handle adjustment and weight administration accommodate a aggregate of antithesis and control. The 24-inch brand trims added actual in a individual pass, accretion ability and productivity, while the brand tip bouncer prevents accident to the acreage and the blades.

A slider crank apparatus provides added backbone and an all-metal accessory case asylum protects the analytical accessory drive arrangement from jobsite abuse.

We spent hundreds of hours researching with landscape maintenance professionals to accept their requirements for performance, backbone and ergonomics.