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Three Types of Vertak Hedge Shears


Also known as hedge clippers or trimmers, vertak hedge shears are devices that are used to trim decorative shrubbery and other types of plants. Designed for residential and commercial use, the shears make it possible to manicure the landscape around a home, commercial building, or other type of edifice. Hedge shears come in several sizes and with different options for a power source. The choice of the make and model for the hedge shear equipment often depends on the intended purpose the shears will serve, and the personal preferences of the user.

Basic hedge shears are simple devices composed of two sharp blades and a set of handles that make it possible to open and close the blades at will. The basic shears rely on the strength of the user to manage the task of trimming hedge bushes or cutting through other types of plants, such as thin tree limbs. Operating shears of this kind normally requires a fair amount of strength in the upper body, especially, the forearms and wrists. In terms of care, the blades are cleaned and honed regularly in order to maintain the tool in proper working order.

Electric hedge shears are also a popular option today among both commercial and residential users. Shears of this type make use of electrical current supplied by a cord that connects the tool with a power outlet. Models developed in the latter part of the 20th century include the presence of a battery that can be charged at an outlet, allowing the shears to operate continually for anywhere from a half-hour to two hours. Professional hedge shears are often electric models that are capable of running with battery power.

Another popular option with cordless hedge shears are the gasoline powered hedge clippers. Devices of this type make use of a small tank of gasoline, roughly the same size as the tank found on a standard push mower. While slightly heavier than the electric shears, many homeowners prefer the gasoline powered versions, simply because it is not necessary to wait for the battery to charge before use.

Of the three main types of hedge shears, the manually powered shears are easily the most environmental friendly. Users who prefer these shears also tend to note that they provide an excellent cardiovascular and upper body workout. In addition, the lack of a gas tank or a power cord makes it somewhat easier to operate the shears in tight spots. However, many homeowners as well as professional landscapers prefer the speed and efficiency that electric and gasoline powered hedge shears provide.