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The Top 5 Garden Tools Everyone Needs


Years ago, Garden Tools were built to last and it was not uncommon for a good spade, to cost a week's wages. As they were an expensive commodity, these gardening tools had to be made to withstand the test of time and were often passed down through generations. You find many of them still being used today.

1) Push and riding lawnmowers

Lawn mowers gives your overall house a clean look and it does the same for your garden. They can be great for flowers and plants that overhang and need to be trimmed also. If you have a small garden, then push lawnmowers will more than likely be suitable for you since you need to get into smaller spaces. However if your garden is large, then maybe a riding lawnmower will be best for you.

2) Spade: Spades are specialized garden tools having a narrow headed blade, attached with a long metal shaft, usually 28 to 48 inches long. The pointed head blade of the spade is ideal to work between plants and near the borders and other such places in the garden wherever neatness is required. This tool is generally used for digging, planting, and cultivating purposes.

3) Garden Tool Racks

Another option for garden tool storage is the overhead or wall rack. Either option allows you to hang your long garden tools up out of the way, keep them off the floor, and out of the water. This is a relatively inexpensive option, and it's even possible to make your own, if you're willing to be creative. Otherwise, take a trip to your local home improvement store and check out their selection of dedicated garden tool racks. This is a convenient way to deal with manual tools that won't break the budget or take up all that much space.

4) Hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer or edge trimmer is awesome for your gardening work. It trims the hedges on your plants and also assists in pruning your plants. This is an essential tool to have in your collection as it does a wonderful job of trimming your hedges for you.

5) Fork: Garden fork, as the name suggests, is a sturdy tool, usually made of stainless steel or iron, having thick, but sharp prongs attached to its head. It possesses a fine-grip and ergonomic handle on the end opposite to the head part. This tool is designed to provide optimum leverage with minimal effort. Fork is very helpful in performing gardening activities like raising, piercing, and digging. It is also considered quite effective in removing the perennial weeds.