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Some Time-Saver Gardening Tools


Gardening is by nature a laborious, time consuming task. However, having the right tools can save your time and energy in gardening and beautify your outdoor space. The right tool for the task reduces the burden on your back and can save time that would be better spent relaxing in your garden, rather than laboring at it.

Following are the tools always be overlooked while are among the top garden time savers.

1. Hori-Hori Knife

A hori-hori is an ancient Japanese tool that is part trowel and part knife and was traditionally used for transplanting bonsai specimens and digging tubers in rocky mountainous areas.

A bomb proof hori-hori is hard to get bent or broken while most trowels bend easily if you apply pressure to the blade. It's made with a heavy gauge steel shank, which is sandwiched inside a durable wooden handle. The narrow blade is good for getting in tight places, while the serrated edge is useful for cutting through matted roots. Modern hori-horis also come with inch markings in the back of the blade which is useful in bulb planting.

2. Edging Knife

Another type of gardening "knife" is used to cut through mats of turf to prevent grass from creeping into flower beds.

Edging knives have a long handle like a shovel with a flat blade at the bottom designed to be stepped on to provide the oomph to push it through the thick rhizomes of lawn grasses. You can use edging knives to have a clean line around the edge of your lawn quickly and easily.

3. Leaf Shredder

These come in various forms - there are stand alone models and ones designed to attach to a leaf blower or lawnmower.

The idea is that instead of bagging up all your leaves and putting them on the curb, you can shred them up into a ready made soil amendment. Feed fallen leaves through the shredder - or even better, suck them up with a shredder attachment on one of your gas-powered lawn tools - and they will have the right texture to break down quickly in a compost pile, to be used as a tidy, nutritive mulch for flower beds or to be blended directly into poor soil as a form of soil conditioner.

These four tips for storing garden tools will help you keep your tools sharp.

Pegboard Outline

Keep pegboards orderly by using a permanent marker to trace where each tool goes. This works well if multiple people in the house use the same tools, as it will help everyone know where the tools should be placed. You can either draw directly on the pegboard or you can trace the outline on paper and tape it on the pegboard. This method also helps everyone know which tools are missing.

Hanging Buckets

Hang buckets on pegboard to store tools you might not normally be able to hang, such as sprinkler parts or seed packets. It may increase a little bit of color to an otherwise dreary area with it. You can easily pull the buckets off the wall and take them with you to your project site instead of having to juggle a bunch of tools.

Tool Belt Bucket

Wrap a tool belt around a 5-gallon paint bucket and presto, a handy organizer is born. Now just fill the bucket and belt with the tools you need for all of your fun gardening projects. Tool belt buckets are convenient when you are working on multiple projects around the yard or house and need your tools to be portable. You would better store your own emergency sprinkler repair kit in one avoid waste time looking for those precious tools when the need arises.

Garden Pot Storage

Store your garden tools in a decorative pot filled with sand and mineral oil. To make the mixture, fill a 5-gallon bucket with sand, mix in 1 quart of mineral oil and transfer to a garden pot. The oiled sand not only cleans your Water Spray Gun as you plunge them into the sand, but it keeps them from rusting as well. It is also a creative storage solution if you prefer to keep your tools on display and not hidden in the garden shed.