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Some Favorite Vertak Herb Garden Tools


When beginning your herb garden, it is important that you have the correct tools. Having the correct vertak garden tools will save you time and energy and allow you to enjoy our herb garden. When buying your tools, pay for quality, making sure that they are durable and will last you a long time. If you cannot afford all the herb garden tools at once, just start with the basics and add on, as you are able.

The recommended minimum tools to begin with are:

Spading fork: It is fork like and its tines are flat and wide. This tool helps you to really turn the dirt over.

Trowel: A must have for digging small holes. It is scooped shaped with a handle and a pointed metal blade. This tool is also helpful for weeding.

Pruning Shears: They usually have straight cutting blades and vary in size. When picking a pair, remember most herbs are delicate so purchase the correct size.

Spade: This hand tool is used for digging up and loosening soil. It usually has a flat blade with a sharp bottom edge.

Rake: A common garden rake is usefully in helping remove top debris such as dead leaves or weeds.

Cultivator: This tool is very handy. It allows you to aerate your soil and stir in nutrients.

Plant stakes: This, of course, will help get your herbs growing nice and straight.

Garden labels: this helps you remember where each type of herb is planted. (If you prefer no labels in your gardens make a sketch of the layout-you will be glad you did.)

Hose: make sure you have a good garden hose with and adjustable nozzle. Keep the hose near by so you don't have to drag it all over the place. A good adjustable nozzle is also very handy to have since some plants do well with a "shower" and some do better with just a mist.

If you have the herb garden tools above you are off to a good start. As you can afford it, you might add in the next group:

There are many other tools you can add as your garden grows that will help you save time, such as, a garden cart, wheelbarrow, and a transplanting spade. One tool that is a true necessity that is often overlooked is a nursery pencil. This simple tool allows you to permanently mark your labels. Regular markers or pencils will wash off quickly and you may forget what you planted and where you planted it.

Keep your herb garden tools in a convenient place, ready to use. If you take good care of them, they will last you a long time. Hopefully, with the correct tools, you will enjoy your herb garden and reap all the benefits of have herbs at your beckon and call.