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Short-handled Gardening Tools


These are the Garden Tools used for simple digging work in small areas. They work efficiently in areas that are too hard to reach by long-handled tools. The most common tools under this category are hand pruners, hoes, clippers, cultivators, and trowels. There are even certain tools that can hasten the task of pruning and weeding and make the chore that involves long hours of knee bending easier. For instance, there are weeding tools that can easily pull out weeds, grass and other unwanted growth in the garden.

Some weeding tools are powerful enough to cut, saw, or grab weeds right to their roots. They can even pull off weeds growing on cracks and lift firmly rooted roots by simply twisting your wrist. If you are to clear out small flowers, branches or other lightweight foliage, small-hand pruners can help. A cultivator is necessary for toiling the soil and helping improve its aeration, especially the type with multiple spinning blades. You may also use a pocket garden knife that can cut twines and plants. It can also be used to plant root balls, help grow plants, and more. For trimming purposes, shears and clippers prove to be useful.

Long-handled Gardening Tools

A gardener's long-handled tools are useful for tasks that take a standing position. The handle may be D-shapes or straight. The newest tools usually feature an adjustable handle with adjustable length for easy usage. Multi-changing tools are also preferred by some gardeners because they are more portable and more compact.

Power Gardening Tools

Power tools use electricity, gas or manual power. Some of these tools include tillers, lawn mowers, lawn edger, cultivators, leaf blowers, string trimmers, shears, and more. These tools need maintenance and repair services to ensure the safety of the user.

Having the right gardening tools for the job is just as important as picking out the seeds or plants you want to grow. If you don't have the proper tools to tend and toil your garden or to take care of it after you plant it, then it won't grow very well or would yield less.