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Natural Garden Protection for Your Plants


There are many things that you can use to repel certain animals from your garden. There are commercial sprays that can be purchased at any gardening store, but you can also find some natural alternatives to enhance your garden protection. Fermented salmon fertilizer, for example, is a natural product that can be sprayed on any plants you intend to eat. The nasty smell will keep most animals away, and the oiliness of it will keep it from washing off of leaves in the rain, while other sprays need to be reapplied after rain.

Some people will swear by using wolf urine to repel herbivores. You can buy crystallized urine and make it into a spray. You probably don’t want to put this on your vegetables, but you can spray it around the perimeter of your garden to send a clear message to rabbits, gophers, and deer that danger is around the corner.

What’s more, a very natural way to protect your crops is to work with your local raptors. Birds of prey that are native to your area will happily eat many of your pest animals if you provide them with a good place to live. Erect twenty-to-twenty-five foot perches around your garden. Hawks will find these to be excellent places to nest and will eat or at least scare away many of the little animals trying to nibble in your garden. Owls can also be lured in to live near your garden, but their needs are more complex. To get owls, you will need to construct a nesting box with specific dimensions and with an opening of the right size. One barn owl can eat a gopher a day, so it may be worth your time to make an owl house.

You probably have several animals around the farm, and your dog may be another source of garden protection. Dogs can be trained to run off small animals. Repeatedly scaring off the little critters is often enough to keep them away. You need not train them to hunt out and kill the pests, although that may be an option as well.

However you choose to protect your garden, be sure to do so carefully and be thorough. Surviving off the grid means being able to come up with your own food. Don’t let that food go to waste by feeding it to wild animals. By enhancing your garden protection, you will surely keep your garden and plants protected all the time.