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Must Have Gardening Tools


Garden tools can help gardeners with gardening as the best friend. Garden tools can do more than just help a gardener weed his garden. Garden tools are available in the market and these can also be purchased online through internet. Playground slides are great equipments for the children to have great fun. Garden tools are very helpful in getting the work done efficiently. It makes the work easier to be completed. Without the garden tools you have to use some other method of how you want the job done. Garden tools are any tool that can be used in the practice of gardening, which is related to the practices of agriculture and horticulture. Gardening tools are a necessity if you want to be a successful gardener.

6 gardening tools below are the most basic tools when you start a gardening project.

1.Spading fork - This is needed for digging and breaking that compact soil. The short handle on it makes you dig in and break the soil easily. It has four square tines and a foot rest where you can apply your weight when breaking a highly compact soil, the best material for this tool is cast stainless steel head and a fiber glass or a wooden handle.

2.Hoe - This is needed for cultivating and weeding the soil surface. It comes in different designs, there are those that have a stirrup action and those that are designed thinly for cramped spaces. Depending on your garden you may decide which will serve you better. Consider your planting density when making your choice.

3.Watering can - It is used to water plants in your garden. The longer the nozzle the more control you have with its flow rate. It is best to choose those with a detachable head, good for watering even seedling.

4.Shovel - Shovels have either a round or pointed blade. They make a gardener's job in moving soil, digging holes much easier. In selecting garden shovels, do try to get those that have a flat edge at the top of the blade. This will enable you to have better footing when using it.

5.Rake - Rake will help to remove all fallen leaves from your garden and also allows you to collect all the debris that gets collected in the garden. There are two types of rakes - narrow rake and wide rake. Narrow rakes are easier to maneuver between the plants, while a wide rake allows you to remove the fallen leaves much faster and easier. Hence, it is good if you own both types of rakes in your garden. Do remember to get rakes with ergonomic handles.

6.Garden sheers - Choose one that fits your hand comfortably. It can cut dead leaves and unwanted branches easily. You may also use it for pruning and shaping your ornamental plants. Garden sheers may also be used when harvesting your fruits and vegetables.

These six gardening tools will be enough to get you started in your gardening project. Learn the proper ways of handling each tool, particularly the hoe, the spades, and the sheers before you start your project. You may think that using it is common sense, but using it the proper way means lesser chances of accidents. It is better to be safe than sorry. After some practice with your tools, you are now ready for your Garden Bag project.