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Lawn and Garden Tools Basics


God made rainy days, so gardeners could get the housework done –If you have the right tools, you can be addicted to gardening! When we start a gardening project, choosing the right gardening tools is also important. Heavy equipments are difficult to use and quite tiresome while lighter ones are poorly made. Good gardening tools have handles made of high quality wood like ash.

First of all, you will need a shovel. Choose the square headed shovel with short handle for larger digging projects such as shrubs and trees. This is also perfect for digging plant holes, edging the garden beds, removing weeds and transferring small amounts of earth. It is suitable for you to choose the one with a steel head and a foot rest.

Your next essential gardening tool is a simple garden or field hoe, which is made of tempered steel and a long wooden handle, easier on the back. Tempered steel is harden to stay sharp and is very difficult to destroy, this is the type of steel use in agricultural disc blades. It is easy to find and replace new wooden handles if you break one, plus the handles don't blister as much as the metal. These types of hoes do our best to help break up large chucks of soil, chop up weeds, made plant holes for planting. You will also need a scuffle or weeding hoe to do your weeding after your flowers and garden plants begin to grow. They work great on just under the surface of the soil or your mulch.

You will also need several garden rakes which is good for raking fallen leaves and cleaning and leveling your garden beds. This is perfect for removing stones or lumps of soil on your plots. Choose between plastic, metal or bamboo rakes depending on your requirement. If you want to clean without harming your seedlings, bamboo rakes may be a better choice for you.

Another basic gardening tools is a spading fork. This helps to dig down the soil and break the ground. This is very essential since at some point or the other you will need to open and improve the soil.

These basic Seedling Tray will get you started and if you purchase quality tools they should last you for a lifetime. You will also find many of the manufacturers of these lawn and garden tools are still made in America and seem to be some of the best quality tools available. You can get high quality lawn and garden tools which you almost never need to replace, though you may have to pay more.