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I Think You Need A Riding Mower


Many home owners wonder what type of lawn mower is right for them and their yards. Push mowers are certainly the lowest in price and fuel usage, but they are certainly more work. A riding mower seems like a more comfortable choice, but not always an economical or practical one.Lawn mowers gives your overall house a clean look and it does the same for your garden. They can be great for flowers and plants that overhang and need to be trimmed also. If you have Garden Tools, then push lawnmowers will more than likely be suitable for you since you need to get into smaller spaces. However if your garden is large, then maybe a riding lawnmower will be best for you.

The type of mower you need depends on the function you need for it to perform. In general, a push mower is best for smaller yards, especially those that are relatively flat.

A self-propelled mower requires almost no muscle and can make short work of the average lawn. However, there are times when even a larger or hillier lawn may require a push mower. Here are a few of these circumstances:

Intricate gardens or features. Riding mowers may have good turning radiuses, but nothing compared to a push mower. Plus, a push mower can get in and out of tight corners and other areas that a riding mower simply couldn’t access.

Steep drops. Riding mowers are best for hills, but they can be downright frightening on truly steep lawns. Like any heavy object on its side, a riding mower may tip over, creating a dangerous situation. A self-propelled push mower will climb these slopes with no problem.

A riding mower is meant for large, flat yards or those with gently sloping hills. Here are a few other situations where a riding mower is the likely choice for you.