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How to Choose the Right Gardening Tools


Proper gardening tools is good for you to get the job done right. There are literally hundreds of tools that you can purchase, but you will only need a few of them. At every gardening center or nursery, there will be all sorts of tools to choose from. Below are a few pointers to help you choose the right tools for your need.

Gardening can be the best hobby for many people to relax in the nature, and a great motivation to learn about reaping the rewards of dedication and hard work done from their side. If you want this experience to be the very best for you too then you will have to use the right gardening tools for achieving your desired target. The type of gardening tools you acquire and need would mainly depend on the kind of garden you are looking forward to develop, and the type of vegetables, flowers and plants you want to grow in your garden.

So which tools are worth buying? Gardening involves moving dirt around, so a digging tool is always a good choice. If you're mainly working in pots or containers, then a sturdy trowel is a fabulous investment. A shovel is better if you're going to be moving large amounts of soil around, or to assist you with planting trees, vegetables and flowers. It might be tempting to save yourself some effort by choosing a power tiller or plough, but unless you have a very large garden, they're probably involve more expense and trouble than they're worth.

You can also choose a rake or hoe. Again, if you're going to mainly be working in smaller areas, a pot-sized equivalent is a good idea. These tools can be used to smooth soil and remove weeds. This sort of work can be done by hand, but it's easier with the right tool, particularly in a large garden.

Although they're not technically a tool, good gardening gloves are also useful. It may be worth having a couple of pairs - some heavy duty ones for rough work, some thinner ones when you need to feel what you're doing.

Once your garden is established, then at least one pruning tool is a necessity. Depending on the size of your plants, choose anything from pruners or secateurs through to large tree loppers. It's worth spending a little extra to buy a solid, reliable pruning tool, otherwise it may be ruined the first time you try to cut anything with them.

A few more tools that you can probably survive without, but will make life easier depending on the size of your garden, include

- Wheelbarrow

- Garden fork

- Watering can

- Hose & hose reel

- Scarifier & Rake

When you begin looking for the most effective garden tools, think about the size of your garden and what type of tools you will need to work with the type of dirt that you have in your yard. Some people have very hard dirt that must be broken up and treated before a garden can be planted. When this is needed, you may have to rent a large rototiller to turn the dirt and add fertilizer before you embark on your garden project.