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How Can Get Away With Blaming Garden Tools


Unlike the proverbial carpenters, rose gardeners can get away with blaming their garden tools if their roses don't quite turn out as expected! A lot hinges on the tools you use so if you want to have the most beautiful rose garden in your vicinity, go ahead and get yourself the best tools.

Watering Wand

Roses positively thrive on water and using a good watering wand to water your plants will ensure your roots getting good irrigation. Avoid buying the plastic wands as they are not very durable. Instead invest in one with brass fittings.

Long-handled Shovel

Buy a lightweight shovel with a well-padded handle to prevent blisters. It would be good to go in for both the square and the round headed shovels. The square head is for shoveling mulch, debris, and loose soil. The round head is good for heavy digging.

Rake / Lawn Sweeper

Buy both the big garden rake and the smaller leaf rake. You can level your rose beds with the big rake and clear debris from around your rose bushes with the smaller leaf rake. While selecting your rakes, go for the ones with flexible handles; this takes pressure off your back. Also make sure the tines are fixed with a spring mechanism as this helps you easily move around your plants. A narrow head is preferred to reach those hard to reach spots. One with a wide head is also necessary to cover more area.

Adjustable Kneeler / Kneeling Pad / Knee Pads

To avoid bruising your knees while gardening, use a strong cushioned kneeling pad. Choose one that is water-resistant and lightweight. Or you can get knee pads with double adjustable straps which you can strap on. You can also opt for an adjustable kneeler which can be converted into a seat if necessary. The Kneeler does not press on the grass and you can adjust the height according to your requirements.

Gardening Gloves

Many gardeners prefer gardening gloves made of fabric as they are more flexible, water-resistant, and have a natural feel when compared to the bulkier leather work gloves. The only drawback with the fabric gardening gloves is that you won't be able to protect your hands from getting poked. Always try on various sizes and choose the one that fits you best. You can avoid painful blisters by wearing good quality strong gloves.

Don't hesitate to get a lawn sweeper as you will halve the time taken to rake if you have a large garden.

Wheelbarrow / Garden Cart

There are many types of wheelbarrows and green carts you can choose from. Go with the ones that are comfortable for you to handle and the quantity of leaves, soil, etc that you want moved around. You can choose from single or double front wheels, shallow or deep buckets, and even folding wheelbarrows that you can load and unload easily and can be easily stored. The foldable wheelbarrow is ideal for small gardens with light loads. A Garden Cart is handy when you move your plants around. To get a better grip on rough terrains, select one with pneumatic wheels.