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Grass Trimmers Have Two Main Roles


grass trimmer, also known as strimmers, have two main roles – to reach parts of the garden that the lawnmower can’t, and keeping the edges looking neat and tidy.

There are three main types, the most common of which is electric. These run off the mains, so there’s no worry about power running out. They also tend to be cheaper. But there’s no doubt cords can get in the way and in larger gardens, they might not reach to where you need them to, making cordless grass trimmers that run off a rechargeable battery an increasingly popular option (the battery can last as little as 20 minutes, however). Then there’s petrol models, which are the most powerful. These can be a godsend for heavy duty jobs, but they do tend to be heavy and cumbersome. Our round-up includes a fourth type too – the only hybrid grass trimmer on the market, which can be used as either corded or cordless.

Think about the size of your garden and what jobs you want it to do. If, for example, all you want to do is tidy up path edges, you’ll probably require a very different machine (ideally with shorter shaft and rotating head) than one which is capable of cutting down areas of long grass and weeds that the mower can’t cope with (for this, you’ll need one with a long shaft and powerful engine). That said, we found some decent all-rounders.

Here are some winners a part of the cordless trimmers in our cord trimmer tests:http://www.vertak.com/product/garden-power-tools/