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Gardening Tools for the Beginning Gardener


Just about every profession has tools of the trade. Even gardeners have tools of the trade that are indispensable. It is not difficult to choose gardening tools. Go with your common sense when selecting gardening tools. Ask yourself: Does it fit your needs? Will you use it many times or will you just use it sporadically? Here is a list of common gardening tools for a Garden Shredder.


Commonly called a dandelion weeder (or a dandelion killer), this tool looks like a screwdriver with a large, flat head. Some call it a digger. You can use it to get down under the roots of dandelions and other invasive weeds in garden beds. Then, like the claw of a hammer, the weed can be pulled out by angling the weeder back.

Garden Shovel

A good garden shovel with a good, easy-to-hold handle is great for the new gardener. The garden shovel is indispensable because it is your main digging tool. It can be used to dig a new garden bed, or to shovel new dirt into holes or the garden bed.

Garden Hoe

A garden hoe is a great tool for digging up weeds in larger garden beds or in the rows between plants in the garden. The garden hoe can remove through grasses easily with a larger surface area.

Garden Shredders

In general, all garden shredders have a high watt motor and come with silent crushing system. This kind of gardening tool accelerates your shredding activity. Gardening shredders with an electric shredder are easy to assemble and aids in tree pruning with maximum of 40 mm. The garden shredder also aids in shredding debris from punning your hedges. This gardening tool with a plunger for increased portability and built-in wheels is considered to be the best garden shredders.

Leaf sweeper

These gardening tools are extensively used for smaller lawns. It is having an infinite height adjustment with 200-liter collector.

Spading fork

This is a wonderful gardening tool used for aerating and transplanting. You can split grasses with this gardening tool. In addition, this garden tool can be used as a manure fork, mulch fork, and sorting hay.

The main enemies of all garden tools are moisture (causes rust), and poor or inadequate maintenance that prevents them from doing their job properly or cause them to wear and break. So, the trick to maintaining your gardening tools is to prevent moisture and wear from attacking them. Here are some basic fundamentals for keeping your gardening tools around for a long time.

l Clean your tools after each use

l Store your tools off the ground and in a dry place

l Remove any rust that forms on a tool

l Keep wooden handles smooth by sanding and oiling them

l Keep cutting edges sharp

l Before putting them away for the winter clean them well and give them a coating of oil.