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Garden Tools for the Beginners II


Wheelbarrow: The wheelbarrow is the horse behind the workhorse (you). It allows you to carry items to and from the garden. A strong and sturdy wheelbarrow is a good garden tool to have especially if you have a big yard and garden. Even a small garden can benefit from a wheelbarrow. Most modern wheelbarrows are made from plastic. But in the past, wheelbarrows were made of metal, making them extremely strong and sturdy, but quite heavy. The plastic wheelbarrows are still sturdy today but not quite as heavy.

Cultivator: A cultivator looks like a tiny fork. It's about the size of a weeder, about seven to eight inches long. It is also used in weeding and getting close to the garden bed. It can be used where a garden hoe can't be used.

Garden Rake: There are a few different types of garden rakes. The leaf rakes are usually pliable and used for raking up leaves and other loose debris. Leaf rakes come in all sizes and shapes but most have a fan shaped head on them. On the other hand, the level head rake is the best rake for raking the soil in garden beds. It is made of hard metal and has a flat head full of tines on the end. It helps to have a level head rake to help flatten down the soil in a garden bed before planting. It is also helpful in tilling and weeding the garden bed before planting.

Garden Cart: Sometimes called a garden wagon, the garden cart is another great item to have in the garden. The garden cart allows you to carry all of your tools and other necessary gardening items around with you. It's different from a wheelbarrow in that you probably pull the garden cart rather than push it (like the wheelbarrow), and typically has a more general use.

Gardener's Tool Belt: The gardening tool belt is a place where you can attach all of your garden tools in one place. This helps organize the tools so that you aren't fumbling around or looking for the right tool for various garden jobs. Gardening tool belts come in many sizes and shapes. Some gardening tool belts even have separate accessories such as an attachable pocket or pouch for seeds. This can help save time on fumbling around for the seeds you want to plant on that day.

Garden Gloves: A good pair of garden gloves is a great item to have for gardeners. While it's fun and exciting to dig in the soil with bare hands, garden gloves are great for those who do not want to dirty their hands, or a tough job such as pruning a rose bush or other thorn bearing plant. Garden gloves help protect your hands from the harsh conditions that gardeners can sometimes experience.

Now that you have some knowledge of basic Garden Tools, venture out and find the right tools for you. When you have the tools to begin your adventure of gardening, you can make your garden the best it's ever been.