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Garden Tools Care in the Winter


In the winter, there's almost no work in the garden and we don't need to use most of the Garden Tools through the season. Most of the gardeners simply throw them in the garage or a closet and shut the door.

Taking care of your body is of the utmost importance and using good common sense while working in your garden goes a long way in staying fit. When you are working in hot weather, remember to drink lots of water, not carbonated soda, not beer, not tea and not coffee. These drinks are diuretics and will only increase the amount of urine in your system. Water is the safest and best beverage to ingest in hot humid conditions.

These are equipment that are specially designed for ease and comfort. It really is true that gardening is sometimes a tiring task, especially if you are still new at it. However, with the help of ergonomic gardening tools, you can say goodbye to sore and tired hands.

The room where you intend to store your garden tools should be check for moisture. If you find any moisture there, you'd better find another place where to store them. Also, there isn't subzero temperatures in the good places for storing garden tools.

There are small hybrid carts on the market that double as a seat for you to sit on and also roll up and down the plot or bed as you weed. These carts are especially helpful if you employ raised beds for your garden.

Rub the wooden handles of the tools with linseed oil to keep them from cracking. Store the buckets in a cool, dry spot such as a garage or enclosed shed. When spring comes around, pull the tools from the oily sand and wipe them down with a burlap bag to remove the sand and excess oil from the metal surfaces.