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Garden Tool to Use Depends Upon the Job


The choice of what garden tool to use depends upon the job.You don't need every tool on offer to competently work your way round the backyard. Think about how often you will use each Tree Saw tool and the sorts of work you'll need to now and in the future when your trees, shrubs, veges and ornamental plants have grown.

A cheap saw may be all you need for a one-off limb-lopping tidy up, but in the long run, poor-quality tools are frustrating and inefficient. It's better to invest in quality tools and look after them well.Although purchasing an expensive tool may hurt a little at first, quality is well worth the investment. When looking for tools look for quality workmanship. Avoid tools too heavy for the user or light tools which may not hold up under continuous use. Tools are designed for a specific purpose and should be used as such to prevent breakage and possible injury.

Shop our selection of shovels in the outdoors department at www.vertak.com. A general purpose round point garden shovel works well for normal yard and garden digging. If you have a large amount of lightweight material to move, a wide scoop shovel works best. Spades are useful for cutting and digging heavy soil, digging straight-sided flat bottomed trenches, or removing a layer of sod. Garden forks have thick tines and are used for turning soil and breaking up soil clods. Pitchforks have longer tines which are useful for moving light, loose material.

Hoes are used for cultivation and weeding. There are many types available. A general gardening hoe will work fine for cultivation and weed removal. Triangle shaped hoes are excellent for breaking into stubborn soil, weeding, and cultivation in tight spots. A warren hoe has a pointed tip and is used to make furrows. This type of hoe will produce disappointing results if used for weeding. A scuffle hoe is used for weeding. Its blade rests parallel to the ground and is moved back and forth to remove weeds just below the soil surface.

Cultivators are used to work up soil or weed close to plants. They are also used to incorporate materials into the soil. Weeders are used to dig out weeds without taking large chunks of lawn. Both come with long and short handles depending on your preference.