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Choose Right Chipper Shredder for Your Yard


Home gardening can be a very intimate past time. Using Garden Power Tools is simpler, faster, and does not take away the closeness of creating your personal garden. Any machine or tool that speeds up the process and improves efficiency is invaluable in recycling practices, making chippers an essential part of garden mulching and other recycling practices.

To choose which chipper shredder is right for your yard, you will need to know what size branches normally fall in your yard. Combined shredding machines are particularly useful as they are capable of processing large amounts of garden waste quickly and without the careful sorting usually associated with recycling processes. Chipper Shredders use flails and hammers to smash thin branches, tough leaves and hard chunks of wood into uniform and usable pieces.

This makes tidying up your backyard much easier, as all you need to do is grab the waste you want to get rid of and throw it in the chipper. Once your old wood has been processed through the chipper, you can throw it back onto your garden beds to protect and nourish your plants, or add it to the compost pile to develop a nutrient rich mix of plant and worm food.

You can do all of this with a clean environmental conscience by choosing an energy efficient machine suited in size to your application. Wood chippers are also commonly used for the production of solid bio fuels from waste timber, a by-product of numerous agricultural industries. In this case the machine is used to produce dense, uniform pellets of long burning wood, the perfect material for feeding a furnace.

While wood chippers are the most commonly used machine of this class to be used in domestic garden settings, there are many more machines of a similar construction suited to processing other materials. These machines often have multiple purposes and are capable of Garden Shredder, cutting, crushing and washing different recyclable materials.