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Choose a Quiet Garden Shredder


When you have a garden, you must take care. You will see a lot of garden waste and debris. Sometimes you have to cut off a few branches or trim a few hedges, and you have a lot of debris, it is quite troublesome to abandon them because they are heavy and large as a whole. So how do you deal with them? If you have a Garden Shredder, then these are not a problem.

Of course, a quiet garden shredder is often better than a powerful noise mill. It replaces high-speed cutting blades with slower swivel and static plate mechanisms. When the gear rotates its teeth onto the garden waste and presses it against the static board. Continued rotation of the gear Pull the scrap down into the shredder and press it on the plate.

The crushing efficiency depends primarily on the optimal setting of the cutting gear for the impact plate. In order to maintain the optimum clearance between the gear and the plate, the chopper is not deformed or twisted in use is very important. Therefore, the construction of quiet / crushing crusher is much stronger than that of impact crusher. In addition, the motor and gear train need to provide high strength and high torque to keep the load rotating. Likewise, high-torque motors and gears must be built more robustly than high-speed motors.

Quiet shredders are designed for mainly woody waste. Note that you do not feed too much green material at once, and all green waste is interspersed with wood waste, so you can keep the shredder running well. Because even the right amount of green garbage can block the hopper and stop the work of the shredder.

But you have to know that the broken crusher of the quiet garden is not as fine as the crusher. Green buds and leaves may remain the same, but are usually hurt. Crushing and crushing is the decomposition of the internal cell structure of the plant, making it ready for composting, but it may take longer to return to the garden. Wood waste will be broken down into about one centimeter long. This wood floor is good for composting, but it takes a lot of time to get enough decay to join the garden.