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Battery Hedge Trimmer 's Price


How much do I need to spend for battery hedge trimmer ? Corded electric models are the cheapest to buy and you can get one from about £50. Most of our Best Buys, however, amount added than £100, and our top-scoring barrier trimmer is £150. There are a few account cordless barrier trimmers that amount about £50, but the ones we've activated for this amount haven't denticulate well.

Added able models can amount as abundant as £250 for a cordless barrier trimmer with a high-voltage lithium-ion battery. You aswell charge to anticipate about the amount of backup batteries, which can amount as abundant as £100. Be acquainted that the amount of a cordless barrier trimmer is sometimes quoted for auction afterwards the battery. Which? consistently includes the array in the guideline amount we show. Petrol barrier trimmers amount from about £80, but apprehend to pay about £150 or added for a bigger model. Many petrol barrier trimmers are aimed at able users and so you can pay upwards of £400 for a acceptable archetypal from a acclaimed brand. Finally, if you charge a long-reach barrier trimmer, you can aces one up from about £70 for a corded electric archetypal or £100 for a cordless version.

Extending petrol hedge trimmers start at around £90, but if you're afterwards a good, reliable brand, you may accept to pay in balance of £200. Multi-tools, which accept a hedge-trimmer arch that can be swapped for a strimmer or pruner, amount from £150 to about £400.

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