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Aluminum Greenhouse Vs Wooden Greenhouse


The greenhouse is a vital part of the back garden, and if you have a garden, chances are you have a greenhouse as well. With the damp and chilly weather so prevalent, the gardeners inevitably gravitate indoors or at least into a protected area such as a greenhouse. In the article, we will discuss two types of greenhouses - aluminum greenhouse and wooden greenhouse, and list the advantages of them respectively.

Wooden Greenhouse

The wooden greenhouse is the more traditional choice for the gardeners. Wooden greenhouses are typically crafted from red cedar. This type of wood is known for its resistance to the elements, as it is a hardwood that can handle the damp winters. Many gardeners feel that wooden greenhouses are more pleasing to the eye since they merge well visually with the existing garden and landscape.

Generally, wooden greenhouses are more expensive than aluminum ones due to the increasing cost of timber. However, they do have the advantages of being better at keeping a proper temperature within the structure and allowing for expansions of a sort. Wooden greenhouses can easily have shelving and hooks affixed to the walls for easy storage and organization. Wooden greenhouses are a good choice for the traditionalist who is willing to spend a bit more money on a greenhouse.

Aluminum Greenhouse

The aluminum greenhouse is the more modern-looking choice, and this type of greenhouse has been available only for a comparatively short period. Aluminum greenhouses are quite low maintenance and require only regular cleaning. Aluminum greenhouses are normally quite simple to assemble, however, once the greenhouse has been assembled, your options for alterations are few. Aluminum is generally much less expensive than wooden greenhouses due to the lower cost of the aluminum material itself and the flat packaging. Aluminum is quite often the ideal choice for the gardeners who desires easy maintenance and low cost in a greenhouse.

Another upside of aluminum greenhouses is that they are often manufactured from recycled materials. This makes them environmentally friendly, even beyond the fact of their function. Recently, aluminum greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles, and aluminum's sturdiness allows for smaller, less obtrusive frames. In a word, aluminum greenhouses can blend in with virtually any back garden.