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A Guide for Garden Shredder Purchasing


Pruning and hedge trimming can have a huge impact on your garden,making it neater and tidier, and vegetation healthier. It can, however, create a lot of debris that can be challenging to dispose of. Luckily, garden shredders are invaluable for garden clearance tasks like pruning and trimming, as they help to break down larger debris such as hedge clippings and smaller branches into pieces that are easier to compost and dispose of. Shredders can also be used to create small wood chippings, which are perfect for mulching your beds and borders to keep these weed-free and insulated over winter.

Then, there comes the task of how to buy the most suitable garden shredder for your needs. Well, it is recommend you to start by thinking about the materials you want to shred. Consider whether you will be shredding lightweight materials such as leafy waste and hedge trimmings, or small branches and more woody material.

Look for the maximum branch diameter, measured in millimetres (mm). This will tell you the maximum diameter of branch or hedge clipping that the machine can safely cut. Choose a machine that can handle the size of material you’ll be needing to shred. Most models can handle a maximum 40-45mm branch diameter.

The shredding capacity indicates how efficiently the machine works. The greater the shredding capacity, the greater the volume of vegetation the shredder can process in an hour.

Generally, electric models offer great performance, but will need an outdoor power supply to operate. Check that you’ve got a suitable outdoor socket, and always use an RCD to protect against the risk of electric shock. Look out for garden shredders with longer cables if you have a larger garden, or use an outdoor extension lead, so that you’ll be able to work more efficiently and keep mess to a minimum if your garden chipper shredder is close by.