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Using Flower Pot Stand in Your Garden


At present, televisions are full of programs telling us the best way to restore our gardens and how to make the most of the area outside the houses. While some Garden Tools have plenty of room for grass and flowers, some houses only have yards or small grassed area. For houses like this, a flower pot stand is ideal. Stands can be freestanding, low down and high up on legs or wall standing. If you have trouble bending, you may be best to have one that has legs.

There are varieties that can stand up to the worst weather that can be imagined. At one time, your only option would be terracotta, but now there is the choice of wood, metal and even plastic. Some metal stands are ornately engraved and it would be a pity to cover this work with flowers. It would be best to put very small or downward growing plants on these. They are not all designed like a shelf, but some have the pot below the design so this will not be a problem.

Although everyone loves new flower pot stand items, sometimes things just look that much better when they are worn. It is also possible to buy newly made pots made to look as if they are old. If you have a theme to your garden, new pots will look out of place, so thin is the obvious option to go for.

Generally, the most popular type of receptacle for indoors will be pottery or in some cases china. There are some metal ones and again they can be placed on a surface or hung from a wall. There will be less choice to have a large metal made wall hanging one, through fears of damage to the wall if too many plants are placed on them. China or ceramic pots come in so many types that you will surely find your desired one.

There are replica period pieces and up to the date modern art designs. You can have rustic home-made ones, or get souvenirs of the particular type of craftwork from holidays. Even, some designs are regional and will have made by the same method for generations. Some may be classy while others more functional and fun, but all will have been made with care and consideration for the tradition they are following.