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Types of Shears - Garden Shears


Shears are the pair of instruments used for domestic as well as official purposes. The instrument consists of sharp blades which help in cutting or editing various things in a well-defined manner. The sharp-edged Garden Label make the cutting task a lot easier and quicker.

There are various types of shears available for various purposes. Each scissor is designed according to the function it needs to perform. The pair of scissors designed for children is used for paper cutting purposes or to design new structures through soft clays. For such a purpose, the scissors designed does not consist of extremely sharp blades as it can be harmful for children and more or less they will end up hurting themselves. Hence, special care is taken while deciding on the design for each pair of instrument.

Kitchen shears are amongst the household items commonly used in our daily life. The pair of instrument meant specially for kitchen purposes consists of extremely sharpened blades as it is used for chopping and cutting vegetables and meant, the special purpose of non-vegetarians in order to cut the food neatly and in a well prescribed manner.

The pair of these sharp-edged instrument, when used for gardening purposes, is termed as 'pruning shears'. Pruning pair of scissors are meant especially for the gardens which are designed in a way that the growth and the texture of the plant are not destroyed. There are various types of pruning shears available in the market now, like hand gardening scissors, hedge scissors, lopping scissors, and electric scissors. All serve the motive of good gardening.

What’s more, these tools are widely used by the barbers or hairstylist. These are the main instruments in their job. Various kinds of hair scissors can be found in the market. Thinning pair of scissors, cutting scissors, texturing shears and left or right-handed scissors are few examples to it. Each pair of scissors fulfills a special purpose related to hair, ranging from thinning of hair to texturing them.

Special pair of scissors that used to cut heavy metals is also designed in order to ease out the work. Hydraulic shears are examples to such pair of scissors. Similarly, throat less pair of scissors is used in order to shape the heavy metals accordingly and perfectly.

These sharp-edged instruments no doubt has become the necessity for everyone in the long run. It not only makes the work easier, but also shows quick results with a very simple manual approach.