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Tools for The Garden


Many gardeners have their favorite tools, so it can be a challenge to find the perfect tool gift. However, even gardeners who rely on traditional tools may enjoy new tools that are designed for specific jobs, perform multiple tasks, or are engineered to be easier to use.

If you love to garden but your body isn't as young or nimble as it used to be, perhaps you should give yourself a break and try some new ergonomic tools. Ergonomics, also known as human engineering, is the study of how tools can be adapted to fit the needs of people. The goal is to design the tool so it creates less stress on the body. Manufacturers have taken this science and applied it to garden tools for those gardeners who still want to be active outdoors even though they might have more physical limitations. Ergonomic garden tools are designed to keep the body in neutral positions while working, lessening the amount of stress on joints and muscles. This allows gardeners to work while exerting less energy, so they can still enjoy all the pleasures and productivity of gardening.

Many gardeners use their hand trowel every day, for planting, weeding, and moving and smoothing soil. Look for a lightweight trowel made from sturdy metal that won't bend, with a smooth or padded handle and comfortable grip.

Shovels and Forks

In theory, garden shovels and forks shouldn't be used to pry out rocks, but in reality they usually are, so choose very sturdy models. Garden spades come in various sizes for different jobs. Flat shovels can come in handy but are less commonly used in the garden than spades. Heavy-tined forks are very handy for breaking up compacted soil, while finer-tined versions are best for spreading straw or moving mulch.

Some loppers, hedge shears, and multichange tools now come with a unique telescoping action. This allows the gardener to extend the pruner into a tree or shrub without having to dive headfirst into the bush or teeter from a ladder. These extended-handle tools save back, neck, and leg muscles. Also some of these tools come with cushioned grips for more comfort and stability when pruning. You can ease the strain of using hand pruners by choosing the size and style that best fits you. Pruners are available for different size hands, and some models are ergonomically designed to fit your hand better. Often pain from using garden tools comes from trying to use a tool that's too large for your hand.

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