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The Components of A Chain Saw


Chain saws are actually pretty much the same with saws, only that they are much more portable. They are powered by more than one source of power, namely, compressed air, hydraulic power, and electricity. And all of these components are provided by a two-stroke engine. Generally, chain saws are used to limb, prune, and cut trees.

Aside from sawing being part of their job, some individuals also purchase special chain saws for different kinds of chain saw art, which, by the way, is somewhat a famous hobby nowadays. Many also decide to purchase what is called specialist chain saws because these special devices can cut concrete or anything else that is just as solid.

Chain saws are made up of a few parts. The most important part is the two-stroke engine, which is basically just an internal combustion engine that is run by petrol gasoline. While the electric motor of the engine has a cylinder volume from thirty up to a hundred and twenty cubic centimeters.

Chain saws are also purposely created with their own drive mechanism that is powered by a clutch and sprocket. It has a guide bar, which is basically an elongated bar that has a somewhat round end that is primarily comprised of alloy steel that measures sixteen up to thirty six inches in its length. This guide bar is installed into the system of the chain saws because of its wear-resistant characteristic, which is actually its key feature.

The chain saws have a cutting chain, which is responsible for the chain saw's cutting power. This chain is made up of very sharp blades that are called teeth. Each of these teeth is actually just a folded tab comprised of chromium plate steel. The tabs have been purposely angulated or curved in order to have much more cutting power.

The chains also come in various pitches and gauges. The pitch identifies the length that the chain saw can make. And the gauge is the one responsible for figuring out exactly how thick the drive link is.

The full complement, which is basically the conventional kind of chain, has only one tooth for each of the drive links. Each tooth has its own depth gauge called the raker. These rakers are actually the part of the chain saw that is responsible for limiting precisely how deep the cut should be.Please visit: http://www.vertak.com/ to see more information.