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Principles of Garden Watering Tools and Systems


Gardening is a wonderful hobby that keeps you close to nature and helps the mother Earth to maintain balance. As far as we know, water is the source of the life, so in order to make your garden vibrant, you must equip your garden with proper garden watering tools. Generally, the best and the most efficient way of watering is by making use of automatic watering system. It is actually a myth that the best way to irrigate the garden is to apply less quantity of water frequently. On the other hand, the most effective way of watering is to water at the root zone and leave the surface dry. This will help you to save water by covering maximum area with minimum quantity of water.

Automatic watering system is usually laid on the ground at around 60-100 cm spacing between plants and covered with mulch to ensure insulation of soil. The underlying principle of this kind of garden watering system is quite simple yet interesting. The pipe that carries water supplies moisture to the soil and then the water is transferred to the roots through capillary action. This is one of the most economic method that will help you to work using little quantity of water yet covering a large area. Also it comes with an additional benefit of lower maintenance cost and high durability.

In practice, automatic watering system is trusted with proven track record of many years in both professional and private properties. As a well-planned system of porous pipes that being laid around the landscape, there is no chance of water wastage or seepage to the structure. Micro irrigation or drip irrigation works wonderfully in these situations. Almost all of the systems come with multiple setting options and you can set it as per the size of your garden.

There are some advantages of using in garden watering system with porous pipes. You can add water soluble fertilizers to the water and automatically nourish your garden. As the pipes are buried in the soil, they can be left like that during winter months as well. All you will have to do is to drain the system. On the other hand, the pipes remain perfect during summer months as well, because they are buried and covered by mulch layers. This also protects the pipe from corrosion if the water in your area is hard and has high calcium content.

The time needed for garden watering system entirely depends on the area of your garden. An average of 4 litres of water seep through per metre of porous pipe per hour and this may help you calculate the time you need to keep the tap open. Automatic watering system can also be customized if you wish to control the volume of water or water time. The simplest way would be to use a pipe having wider diameter. However, dirty water supply may block the pores of the pipe. Therefore

, you should check the pipe regularly to ensure that it is moistening your landscape as expected.Please visit: http://www.vertak.com/ to see more information.