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Methods to Organize Your Garden Tools


In practice, it's important to keep your Garden Tools organized and arranged so that you can find them at once when you need them. Good places to store and organize them include sheds, garages and potting areas off a deck or patio. However, it sometimes can be difficult to organize tools and supplies that range so much in sizes and shapes, like shovels, rakes, spades and pruners. Fortunately, here are some tips to use when organizing your gardening tools and supplies.

Use a pegboard and hooks. Nail or screw a pegboard to the wall. Place hooks on it so you can hang small hand tools, attach larger tools like rakes or shovels, and create places for gloves, twine or other items you use in your garden. A pegboard is a versatile organizing tool that can be adapted to your needs and the tools you need to store.

Group tools together according to size. Store shovels, rakes, hand tillers and other large gardening tools together. Gather up smaller hand tools and put them in one central location. This may be on a shelf, in a bucket or hanging on a wall. Regardless where you put them, store them together.

Hang a trellis on a wall to organize and store gardening tools. Providing several levels that you can use to hang items, a trellis is a nice, decorative organizing tool for your storage area.

Store a garden hose and sprinkler using a galvanized metal bucket. Nail a bucket firmly to a wall. Wrap the garden hose around it until it hangs on its own.

Recycle an old cabinet or cupboard to use for organizing potting supplies. If you have a table to place near it, that's even better. The cabinet can be used to store extra pots, potting soil, tools, seeds and other gardening necessities. The cabinet should be made from a material that can withstand the outdoor elements.

Collect used glass jars with lids. Wash them and remove all labels. Use these jars to store packaged or loose seeds, bulbs or other small items you use when you are gardening. The jars keep the small items from being exposed to the weather or from blowing away.

Store twine in funnels attached to the wall. With the spout pointing down, insert twine spools into the mouths of the funnels. Thread the twine downward through the tip of the spout. Not only does this keep your twine organized and untangled, but it also gets these items off your tabletop and creates more usable storage space.