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How to Use Garden Log Splitter Properly


On cold winter nights, there is obviously nothing more inviting than a wood burning fire. Many people opt for gas fireplaces to reduce the hassle of storing and splitting wood, but with an easy-operating garden log splitter, the working time is significantly reduced and there is no need of strenuous effort. Besides, there are also economical and environmental reasons to prefer a wood burning fire.

Generally speaking, garden log splitters are precision machines that need to be operated correctly. The log is placed on the sliding platform and put up against the vertical place at one end. The plate will slide the log against a sharp axe-like wedge at the other end of the machine at high pressure and the log will be splitted.

Recently, most log spiltters are manufactured with steel and have a self-lubricating hydraulic ram which will return to the start position automatically. Besides, most machines have two handed operations so that both of the operator's hands are needed to start the splitter. This keeps them out of the way.

In practice, in order to safely use a garden log spliter, it is necessary to start with safety precautions, for example, wear safety goggles, gloves and ear plugs. And only adults that are trained in the correct procedure should operate a log splitter. Also, you need to make sure that the machine is secured on a level surface, especially if it is in a remote place.

If your are working with a hydraulic log splitter, remember to check the level of petrol and oil before you start to use it. Usually, the manufacturer will give the correct grade of petrol and oil to use for the best performance. Also, check the hydraulic fluid that is inside the drive piston. There will be a window, and if you can see the fluid, there is enough.

What’s more, you should always keep in mind that avoid using the log splitter near people, windows, picnic tables and swimming pools, because knots and splinters can fly from the log, especially hardwood.

Well, when the machine is log-free, set the choke. Then, set the throttle to the start position to start the log splitter. Let it run for a few minutes and then lower the choke until the machine is smooth running.

In conclusion, when using garden log splitter, you must take attention all the time, so that dangerous emergency can be avoided during your working process. And then, you can acquire enough small pieces of logs to warm your family and home.Please visit: http://www.vertak.com/ to see more information.