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How to Make Watering Easier


Typically, plants need half as much water in spring and fall as they do in mid-summer. During normal winter months with consistent rainfall, usually from mid-November to mid-March, you can turn automatic systems off completely, especially if you have a warm season grass. (Weather patterns determine if clocks can be turned off.) In addition, our days are shorter with less sunshine and have cooler nights, reducing the amount of water a lawn needs to stay healthy. Also, almost every morning most lawns will get generous amounts of dew that will soak it, thus irrigating more than once a week is unnecessary.

How much water you need and when will depend on how much water is already in the soil, which depends on the amount of rainfall. During extended dry periods, even in the winter, if temperatures are at 40 degrees, have sprinklers come on in the early morning before sunrise to allow the water time to soak in before it evaporates in the heat of the sun. When temperatures are below 40 degrees, you may want to wait until mid-day to water, still allowing time for water to soak in before night time freezing. If it has just rained, or it is expected to rain, don’t water.

Knowing your soil type and average weather will enable you to gauge the best time to water your soil. Experiment with what works best in your area, keep good records and develop a regular watering schedule.

The signs of a well-cared for yard are a green, weed-free lawn, healthy trees and healty shrubs. They are an investment in the value of your property and should be protected.

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Midday watering usually doesn't aching anything. In the calefaction of the day, a abundant accord of baptize is absent to dehydration afore it soaks into the soil.Click http://www.vartak.com to see more information.