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How to Correctly Use A Garden Pressure Sprayer


Most garden pressure sprayers rely on a pump action that compresses the air and liquid until it is released through the spray nozzle. These sprayers can range in capacity from 0.5 to 5 gallons and can be handheld or constructed as a backpack. The high interior pressures are contained with a tight sealing lid and strong bottle, and are controlled with a high quality delivery tip and hose. This time, we will show you how to correctly use a garden pressure sprayer, see as follow.

First and foremost, remember to wear safety goggles to prevent the material from spraying into your eyes. Safety equipment is most important when working with any pressure sprayer. Fluid can be forced in many directions at high velocity.

Mix spray material if needed. Some herbicides and fertilizers are sold as concentrates that must be mixed with water to prevent unwanted results. Follow all directions as stated on the product label.

Add the liquid to the container and close the lid tightly. Screw clockwise until the seal makes positive contact with the lip of the sprayer and hand tighten. Some models require a gasket, between the lid and sprayer, to be oiled to maintain an airtight seal.

Push the pump handle down and gently twist counter clockwise, being careful not to unscrew the lid. This will allow you to pull the handle up through its full range of motion.

Each downward push of the handle increases the pressure in the canister. One push from top to bottom will force air into the container, where it will remain. Pulling back up on the handle does not allow air pressure to escape the sprayer.

A full sprayer usually requires fewer pumps to reach optimum pressure because there is less air in the container to compress. When full, containers need 5 to 20 pumps to reach spraying pressure. Never strain to pump a pressure sprayer, they are not designed to hold abnormally high pressure.

Twist the handle clockwise to lock it in place while spraying. The handle doubles as a carry handle on most models. Do not carry the sprayer by the handle when it is fully extended, which can damage the pump assembly.

Well, remember to clean all components of the sprayer when finished. And you’d better store in a dark, dry place to extend the life of your Outdoor Beach Furniture .