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How to Clean Garden Tools for Winter


When cold weather is coming and your garden is winding down, a very good question arises: What will become of all your garden tools in winter? Good tools aren’t cheap, but if you treat them well they’ll last you for years. Keep reading to learn about winter garden tool maintenance and how to clean garden tools for winter.

How to Clean Garden Tools for Winter A good first step in preparing garden tools for winter is to thoroughly clean all your tools. Use a coarse metal brush, like one used for cleaning grills, to scrape dirt off of the metal parts of your tools. Follow up with a dry rag and, if necessary, a damp rag. Rub any rust away with a piece of sandpaper. Once your tool is clean, wipe it down with an oiled rag. Motor oil is fine, but vegetable oil is just as effective and less toxic. Remove any splinters from your wooden handles with a piece of sandpaper, and then wipe the whole handle down with linseed oil.

Garden apparatus accumulator is important for your tools’ longevity, too. Store your accoutrement on a arbor to accumulate them from falling over, worse, falling on you. Make abiding your board handles are not comatose adjoin clay or cement, as this can advance to rot. Preparing Additional Garden Accoutrement for Winter Winter garden apparatus aliment doesn’t stop with shovels and hoes. Disconnect all hoses and sprinkler systems – if larboard alfresco over the winter they’re acceptable to burst. Drain them of water, application any holes, and bend them up neatly to abstain kinks that may abrasion into holes over the winter.

Run your backyard mower until its ammunition runs out – abrogation ammunition to sit over the winter can abase artificial and elastic locations and blight metal ones. Remove the blades and acuminate and oil them. Scrape or bathe abroad all congenital up grass and dirt. Disconnect its array and atom plugs to accumulate it from accidentally starting over the winter.

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