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How to Choose Garden Log Splitter


The process of purchasing a log splitter can be quite time consuming. Determining which one will work best for your needs and which one will have the longest life are just two of the questions that may arise. And, of course, up there among everyone's top priority is the amount of money that it will cost. The following are a series of tips that you should consider before buying a new garden log splitter.

Generally, a majority of splitters are composed of steel which is mostly maintenance free and incorporate with a hydraulic ram which is self-lubricating. To operate the splitter, the log is placed on the platform up against the splitter plate. When the machine is turned on, the splitter plate passes towards the sharp wedge at the machine's end. The log is then pushed against the equipment's wedge, thereby splitting it in two.

If you are preparing to split large amounts of wood and have to do so on a regular basis, a heavy duty log splitter may be the best choice. While if the logs are relatively small and the wood is of a softer sort, a smaller spillter will be much suitable. The wood's hardness should also impact the decision as the log's size and the amount of wood are not the sole aspects to consider. For woods that are harder, it is best to use one with a higher tonnage.

If you are planning on sharing your log splitter with family members or neighbours, you’d better choose a portable one or one that can be easily transported. In generally, the smaller the splitter, the more easily the equipment can be transported.

Recently, there are a number of different types of garden log splitters that are available for purchase. And the classification is largely depends on the fuel form that is used. If you are located in a location which is remote, the best choice is probably a manual splitter. However, if you are located near an outlet, an electric splitter would be beneficial. Besides, in order to ensure the utmost portability in large projects, a gas hydraulic splitter is probably the best choice.

What’s more, money is another important factor that concerns everyone. Usually, most people are more intend to buy cheap garden log splitters. However, as a matter of fact, price often indicates the quality of the splitter. In order to ensure the quality of your splitter, it is advisable to avoid those extreme cheap ones. Instead, you should purchase your splitter from reputable suppliers with warranties.More information, please visit: http://www.vertak.com/