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How to Care for Your Garden Tools


Cleaning your tools may be the last thing you want to do after a day of work, but it's essential for keeping your tools in good shape. And it really only takes a few seconds per tool unless you've got something really nasty on your hands. It's well-worth the time spent doing a little cleaning to save the time spent repairing a tool (or the money spent replacing it) later.

There are a variety of great garden tool storage ideas that can easily be done to store your tools for the off-season. Garden tools should be cleaned and stored in a dry location. Tools such as shovels and rakes can be hung on a garage or shed wall for storage during the winter months. Bundle shovels, rakes and brooms together and store inside a garbage can. Smaller tools such as pruners and trowels should be cleaned and dried before storage. Store small lawn and garden equipment in plastic bins. Label the bins with the contents for easier retrieval during the spring. Before placing garden tools in storage, some will need periodic sharpening and oiling.

Power accoutrement are a little trickier to clean. First, accomplish abiding the apparatus is accessible afore you apple-pie it. Next, you'll wish to get all the dust off. An air compressor can be absolutely advantageous for that. Wipe down the apparent of the apparatus and again anoint any affective parts. Machine oil is a accomplished best for this, but you should aswell analysis the chiral that came with the apparatus to see if they accept bigger recommendations.

Pressure sprayers (empty and clean) should be kept abroad from absolute sunlight back the UV ablaze tends to abase plastics. I abstruse this the harder way if a 1 quart duke aerosol exploded as I pumped it up, bath me in insecticide! (It was organic, appropriately the fetor of garlic, rosemary and worse that pervaded my getting for several canicule but it could accept been abundant worse).

Even minimalist gardeners acquire tools that need to be stored and maintained, and as years go by the collection gradually increases representing a significant financial outlay. However, if well cared for good tools will last a lifetime so it behooves us to make the extra effort to look after them well.More information, please visit: http://www.vertak.com/